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  1. So, Music and Arts in my city is having a "garage band" contest, to where teenage bands write 3 original songs and record them to have them judged.

    And I'm completley cluless on to how to write music,
    like what chords should I use, etc.
    We are going for a rock theme, similar to Three Days Grace,
    Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin etc.
    And try to create some catchy guitar/bass riffs.

    Are there any popular rock chord progressions?
    And if anybody has any tips or anything to help me have a better understanding for writing feel free to share.
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    Nov 15, 2005
    Any popular chord progressions would be used in a lot of songs. So.... listen to a lot of songs that you like and see if there is anything in common among them in terms of the chord progress. (hint: yes, in every style of pop music there are popular - standard - chord progressions)

    As far as tips go, I like to use this one. Listen to a bunch of songs that you like and come up with a beat, not melody, not chords, just a rhythmic pattern that would fit some of those songs. Let the rhythm suggest to you melody notes, or words or anything else that would go with the rhythm. Let your mind wander and find things that fit. Don't judge anything at first, get as many ideas as possible..... then start putting things together. Good ideas bring on other good ideas. Relax and let the thoughts flow.

    Of course this takes practice and it should be expected that the first 10 songs or so will sound much the same and perhaps not all that great. Don't judge, just keep doing this and things will get better. (you didn't play bass great on the first day you held the instrument did you?) Have the same patience with yourself that you would have with someone you love.
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    I-IV-V Cant really go wrong, its been done countless times.....

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