X2 wireless VS. Line6 X2 wireless

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  1. hello

    im thinking about buying a X2 wireless and was looking them up and noticed Line 6 must have bought them out. is the line 6version as good as the original x2? i normally hate wireless but the gig i have now is a little more high energy and bigger stages than im used to and im tripping all over my cord. ive heard nothing but good things about the x2. hit me up if you know about them..........


  2. chicago_mike


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    tis the same =) I want one of these too.
  3. Christian Waiau

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    i got a Line6 X2 and i couldn't be happier. If there was/is a difference i wouldnt care... this unit works great.
  4. I have the X2 Wireless (pre Line 6). It's great. I can't notice a difference between the wireless and being plugged in directly.

    As for Line 6, I think all they've done to the X2 line is make them sturdier. Recently, they came out with metal casings for the receiver units rather than the old plastic types.

    I would recommend it.
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    i have one, the original X2. no volume drops, no compressions. wired sound in a wireless! i'm very happy! great value for money, highly recommended.
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    wireless threads go in misc, moving...