Yamaha TRBX vs. RBX - what's the difference?

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    A lovely TRBX was spotted today & was wondering what the difference is vs. my current RBX.

    The Yamaha site has the basic information & there doesn't seem to be any real difference, or is the TRBX a neck-through design?

    Yeah, I should have noticed today, but no I didn't look to see if it's bolt-on or neck-thru.



    answered my own question with a search

    so now I know it's not neck through, but there seems to be nothing to separate it from the RBX except the finish of the wood
    My RBX is mango as well, but it's finished darker.

    changing instruments purely for the finish is something I never thought I'd do, but here I sit contemplating taking my RBX down there for a A/B comparison tomorrow (about 100 miles)
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    Active vs passive? But if that is a photo of a TRBX then maybe not.....The TRBX I have (504) is active as is the 304. Is that the 174 that's on sale?
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    I think all Yamaha are on sale, but yes, that is a 174ew
  4. I was under the impression that the TRBX was billed as a sort of hybrid between the TRB and RBX series basses, body style similar to the former with the scale length of the latter or something to that effect. There are a couple offerings in the TRBX series that are passive; namely, the 174 and 174EWs that have already been referred to. Those have a P-J style pickup configuration. The TRBX204 has the same pickup configuration with active electronics.

    Just a quick plug for the TRBX series in general, since I happened to see this thread - I'm a newfound believer. I'm a pretty staunch J bass enthusiast but when I went looking for a 5er to add to the arsenal, I just didn't feel like shelling out Cadillac money for an Elite or even a US standard. I snooped around and wound up very impressed with the features and build of the TRBX505. I found a spotless store demo on Reverb and bought it sight unseen for about $100 under list, it was on my porch the very next morning, and being used on my gig that night. It's a great playing instrument, familiar J-style pickup configuration (these are humbuckers, but the pickup blend concept remains), and at the nominally $549 pricepoint, I couldn't find anything I liked better. I think the store I bought it from had done a setup at some point, so the action is very nice, but I'm going to have it re-done around a different brand of strings. I don't know what's currently on it. It's a comfortable body with good balance, fast neck, and sound-wise it sits nicely in my ear. What impressed me most in that regard was how similar the passive and active sounds were, both tonally and level-wise. You can tell which is which but they're smartly matched, and there's also a dying battery indicator on board. I'd have no qualms whatsoever about flipping to passive mode in the middle of a song if I had to, and I don't think I've ever played another instrument I'd say the same thing about. 34" was not my first scale choice for a 5, but for the money, I decided to take a chance and I'm very glad I did. I got mine with the trans brown finish and it's quite beautiful. It's drawn quite a few compliments.

    IMHO, there's some great value built into the TRBX series in general. And I'm not a paid endorser or anything, just a satisfied customer. These basses are very worth a demo if you run across them!
  5. I'll second that the TRBX line is great. I gig a TRBX 305 pretty regularly and I have no issues with it. I chose it specifically because I wanted a bass that was "professional"; I,e, something I could use in the local music scene; while also keeping cost down. It does that well.
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    I finally talked myself out of paying an extra $120 for the TRBX, and losing my high mass bridge & chrome knobs
    instead I put a wicked shine on my RBX to rival that of the new TRBX

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    does anyone know if rbx yams are ply or solid wood bodies?
    thanx p
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    When I first got my RBX 760A, I grew not to like the chunkier neck. But after getting a little better and going through some basses, I've grown to like it, and it's built so well, I strung it BEAD.