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yet another 'jazz bass pickup output' thread

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by valentine1, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. firstly, i think the title of this thread is not indicitave of the fact i tried to find a specific thread on this but couldn't!!! there are many mentions of this topic, but no definitive thread i could find. it could be because i am hungry and just want thai food and can't make it past page 3 of the search results, so i apologise in advance.

    basically the situation is this. i built my own warmoth p-bass with these pickups from allparts "genuine fender original series '62 precision bass pickups." they seemed great to me, and i got incredible tone and the output on them seemed superb. i rarely ever had to put my master volume on my amp past 75% to be so loud that i could overpower the entire band (i never actually do this, i just know this is how loud i have to be so i always stay quite a ways below at a good level).

    anyway, i just bought my dream bass, the geddy lee jazz bass. it has a lovely tone i admit, but it's weak as! when i max out my volume on my amp and both pickups and the loudness is nowhere near that of my p-bass. i don't think it's that there is less low end, but just an overall output issue in general.

    i've read on here that jazz basses often require new pickups for genres such as hard rock/metal etc, and i think it was 'fenderhutz' who remarked about how he thought that his combination of seymour duncan vintage(n) and hot stack(b) pickups were the answer to this sort of low output.

    so am i correct to assume that this is the only issue here? geddy lee jazz basses have low output on their stock pickups? it's 2008 CIJ if that helps.

    thank you :)

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