yet another jazz bass replacement pu's thread..

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  1. I know, a lot of threads handle this subject, but I've never really found the info I was looking for.
    I bought a Squier classic vibe jazz recently, and feel the need to upgrade it a bit. The instrument feels and plays very good (I must say, way better than the MiM jazz I used to own), but the pu's are lacking character.

    What I'm looking for:
    -nice, warm, 'wooley' sound from the bridge pu
    -typical jazz, strongly mid-orientated bridge pu with lots of 'bite' in it
    -rather vintage sounding in general
    -maybe usefull: I'm not a slapper, fingerstyle playing only

    I've been trying to narrow it down based on youtube movies, but quality of most video's is lacking, everybody records differently, hard to really tell the sound.
    PU's I found interesting:
    Dimarzio Model J
    Nordstrand NJ-4
    SD SJB3

    Any opinions on what would sound best for my needs?
    Might also be important: not over 160 €
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    NJ 4's
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    I've owned the SJB3's and I can tell you that I dont think they're what you're after. Theyre definitely not vintage, but rather they are very modern and grindy. Definitely not a bad tone but if youre after vintage growl and bite, the SJB3s are the complete opposite side of the spectrum.

    In terms of vintage tone, I've found Fender CS60s and Duncan SJB1s to be my favourite and nail 'that' sound. I personally prefer the CS60s and have them in both my Jazz basses.