Yorkville bass amp combo

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  1. Ive got a Yorkville bass amp Im trying to research and can find very little info on what they are worth used. Im gonna put it in the local classifieds along with some other gear. I tried my usual sources(ebay,TB class.,google,ect...) Found one used one for $125 Can. but dont know what it actually sold for. Anyway its a Yorkville(not Traynor-I keep getting that) BLOC40B combo. 40 watts,1x10. Has headphone out, Line out and vol. bass,mid,treb knobs. Its a nice little amp,sturdy,sounds good, and is fairly loud. Ive mostly used it as a practice amp but I have miked it for acoustic gigs. It would make someone a nice starter or bedroom amp. Any one have even a ballpark guess? Thanks,Ted.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    Around here they sell for somewhere between $50-75.
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