Takamine (高峰 or 高嶺) is a Japanese family name, translated literally as high ridge or high peak. It may refer to:
Gō Takamine (194:cool:, Japanese film director
Hideko Takamine (1924-2010), Japanese film actress
Takamine Hideo (1854-1910), Japanese educator
Jokichi Takamine (1854-1922), Japanese chemist
Takamine Tokumei (1653-1738), Japanese surgeon
Takamine Toshio (1885–1959), Japanese physicist
Fictional characters:
Kiyo Takamine (Kiyomaro Takamine), Seitaro Takamine, and Hana Takamine, Zatch Bell! (Konjiki no Gash!!)
Tsukasa Takamine of Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club

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