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43-year old "newbie" at 3-month point

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by onewebfoot, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Greetings. If anyone feels like reading, I'm 43 years old, a former trumpet player, with some additional background with acoustic guitar and keyboard. I practice, and enjoy the fulfillment, even from technical exercises. Will ramp up a lot of CD-listening/jamming soon.

    -- After 2 months of lessons to keep me from starting bad habits, and to point me in the right direction, I've pushed into two programs to tackle mostly on my own. I get 2.5 hours of extra time for every day I don't have to drive to a lesson. Focusing on a general (overall) program, combined with a walking bassline module program (Johnson).

    -- Starting with a Mexican Fender Standard J-Bass was a great choice for me, but I'm still figuring out why. Dimensions and jazz sound, for starters.

    -- I don't need an answer (from the universe) now, but I wonder - where am I going in the long run? (a) 5 stringer? Possible. (b) Upright electric also? (Barker Vertical Bass?) Very possible. (c) Fretless? Don't know.

    The music I've enjoyed most consistently over the years is Spyro Gyra (specifically), modern jazz generally, gypsy jazz, classic rock, and reggae (all styles and flavors).

    Anyway, greetings all. Thanks for such a fantastic website.
    -Vince (Southern California)

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