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  1. I've been playing a 63 Jazz Bass for many years, I love it. One reason is the width of the neck, I love the sound of a P bass as well but have never been comfortable with it's neck. I'm thinking about a 5 string and am on the hunt for a high end narrow neck 5 string, any suggestions?
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    Hi Arthur :)

    I play a Jazz (my only 4 string) and a bunch of 5ers.

    Finding the right neck for your 5er, can be an adventure.

    They all kinda feel as comfortable as surfboards :D

    Don' t only look at "narrow" necks! Some are a lot thicker than the "wider" necks!

    They have to be, to compensate the string tension caused by the 5th string.

    For me (that' s subjective :D I know!),

    "narrow" necks feel as "chunky" as a P neck, just with one more string. :banghead:

    The resulting narrow string spacing, is also a problem for me on these neck profiles.

    That' s why I prefer wider profiles.

    They feel less "chunky" and the string spacing is in my comfort zone too!

    Just try as many different neckprofiles as you can!!!! It' s fun! :bassist:

    may the bass be with you

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    Jun 2, 2007
    I play both J5 and P5 basses and the size of the neck has never been a problem. It is what it is and I accepted that I would have to make adjustments to my technique to get around the extra distances involved.

    There are a a few differences between 4's and 5's and you've just got to adapt your technique to overcome them. I've seen guys who weren't keen to change their style for a 5 and they didn't keep it for long. I'd take lessons, or just work it out at home, but whatever you do it's a very worthwhile project.
  4. Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 5 has narrow neck and is high quality.