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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 6 string demon, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. 6 string demon

    6 string demon

    Mar 23, 2003
    i am currently looking into buying a new fretless. i currently own a 1990 fretted warwick thumb thru neck. and a ean edge fretless which i have been learning fretless on. i love the sound of my thumb. i should mention it have bartolini p4's and a mec 2band pre. im am looking at around £1500 sterling being the roof of my budget.

    i have looked at a thumb fretless6 bolt on, and a sei custom from the bass gallery. (not having a cusotm made but a bass for sale having being built for someone else) i dont want to go down the road of having a bass built,

    i have no idea what to look at, ask most places do not stock fretless 6er's. i am mainly looking for a unlined board but i am unsure of how a lined board or a defretted board affects the sound, so info on this would be helpful. and any bass manufacturers to look at would be great. what would the pros and cons be of having a 6 professionally defretted?

    i play mostly jazz, and looking for somthing fairly versatile, a big smooth sound would be great. and lastly me being in england is ordering from the us and having the bass shipped a good idea if i cannot findit in the uk?

    many thanx for any info, and im sorry for the long post with many questions. i have done searches which have helped somewhat, if anyones turns up anything i have missed, i appologise. thankyou
  2. http://www.zonguitars.com/zon.sonus.html

    They list for a little more than you're looking to spend but you can probably work with Joe on price.

    They're well worth it.

    edit: Remember the prices are in US$ (1500 sterling is about US$2600).
  3. 6 string demon

    6 string demon

    Mar 23, 2003
    how does the "composite" neck feel as oposed to bare wood? i love the feel of the necks on my basses and worried it will feel sticky and sterile.
  4. Not at all sticky, or sterile. It feels a bit like ebony and, to me at least, is really responsive.

    edit: OK, uh, I think I misread your post. At first I thought you were talking about the fretboard but now I see that you're talking about the actual neck.

    No, not sticky. Very smooth and fast. Definitely better than the Fenders that I've played.
  5. 6 string demon

    6 string demon

    Mar 23, 2003
    thanx alot, i actually never tohught about the zon, but from what ive heard they sound awesome, i think a new one may be out of the question but if a used one were to come up. thanx alot.
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