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A first amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tmacnz, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. So I finally convinced my wife to get me a bass for christmas (which is hidden in my house somewhere...). Now I need an amp.

    I am new to bass (have played guitar for about 6 years) so 95% of the time for the first little while I will be playing at home by myself or to music but I do have a couple of people who very occasionally I would like to play with - one is a novice drummer another is a guitarist. Its possible that once in a really blue moon I'll get the chance to jam with a few people.

    So my question ... I was thinking about buying a marshall B25 MKII (25 watt practice amp - there is a used one for sale) ... but I've been reading the forums and wonder if this will mean that I probably won't be able to play with my drummer friend (she's a beginner) or a plugged in guitar?

    Bonus question -- the amp has a headphone out jack -- can I connect this to a soundcard on my computer?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Tmac,
    I bet you can't wait for christmas. For the amp, I can't speak directly about the B25, but if you're planning on buying from the rockshop, that's gonna run you about $300NZ. I say be patient and watch trademe. It takes a long time for a decent deal to come up,but it's often worth it. I got a Nemesis NC115 in perfect condition for $610 a few months ago. It was 6 months old and only ever played in church. They're $1850 new at Atwaters.

    If you're lucky, $300 (or a little bit more) might get you a used 15" speaker peavey combo, which at least will be able to hang with your drummer friend. A 25w bass amp is great for practice, but not really up to much more IMHO. By all means get it if you need an amp and just want to practice on your new bass :bassist: but if you can hold out for a while, try out a bunch of amps new and used (it's always worth a look at Bungalow Bill's) and see what you like best. Watch trademe. you may be able to snag a deal that well eclipses the Marshall.

    Hang out on TB and ask questions - you'll get fast responses. The guys here helped me hugely with my amp purchase, and it's worked out perfectly!

    Good luck,
  3. thanks for the advice Steve. There are two of the marshalls on trademe right now - so if I can get one for under $150 I thought it'd be a good deal and I can always hangout for something with a bit more oompf ....

    Just need to make sure I get something before dec 25th or I'll be stuck with a bass and no amp on christmas morning!

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