Advice needed selecting an amp, I'm lost and afraid.

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  1. Hey all, longtime lurker making his first post here. My question is thus: What amp would you suggest I buy? Here are my thoughts so far;

    I've been playing on a Little Mark Tube 800 (through an Avatar 4x10 @ 4ohms OR a Mark Bass 2x10 cab) for a while now, and I'm just not happy with it's tone. I can get one great sound out of it, but once I deviate from that particular sound the amp sounds mushy and not nearly as warm as I'd hope. To my ears the amp's sound is quite tinny, and as a guitarist primarily I feel that's not a good thing for me to be hearing out of a bass amp (if I hear a tinny tone it has to be bad). I've been demoing amps recently, with my favorite amp thus far being the Eden WT550. I love the EQ sweep on that thing, and I felt I could most of the sounds I wanted to out of it. I'm open to any suggestions on amp heads, with a focus on a warmer tone with enough clarity to be suitable for RnB/Acid Jazz plus some occasional slapping.

    I'll be running it through the aforementioned Avatar cabinet (as I no longer have the Mark Bass cab) and my primary bass is my Ibanez Sr1000 EBG. I'm a newly found (serious) bassist, but I want a good rig that will last me a lifetime (or a while). I'll be playing mostly RnB in smaller clubs, but I still want enough power to cut through and contend with a moderately rock band if I need to. My budget is preferably under $1,000, but I'm willing to deviate in either direction for the right gear. I've been very happy with the Eden line thus far, but like I said, I'm willing to try anything to find that right fit. If you need any more info from me let me know, and I appreciate the help. If this is in the wrong forum I'll gladly move it.

    P.s. I'd like something that will fit on a rack, so nothing too monstrous please.


    EDIT: Fixed the monster paragraph so its easy to read.
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    Well now, an amp that lasts a lifetime? If you're anything like me it'll be more like a lifetime searching for the one true amp.

    As always, these things are very subjective but of it's warm that you want I've heard good things about the GB Streamliner. I'd also suggest you might want to look at the cab, does it have a tweeter? Can you turn the tweeter down, or off? Maybe you want to consider a more 'old school' cab, something like a 2x15? Or maybe just twist the EQ knobs further on your amp.
  3. I got as far as you like the wt550 before my eyes gave out. Get one of those.

    Hit the return key once in awhile.
  4. I've always found the Ibanez SR basses to be quite zingy (though I don't want to generalise).

    Have you tried flat wound strings? Not an answer to using your amp, but it may help.
  5. Fixed the Paragraph so its easier to read, my bad.
    As for the Mark Bass, it's no longer in my possession and I need a replacement. It was a good amp, just not exactly as versatile as I would have liked. Either way, I'll need an amp, and as I (admittedly vaguely, I can't seem to communicate on the internet today) said before, I need some suggestions on where to look.
  6. TB classifieds is easily the best place to look. TB'ers trade amps with the seasons. Each trade loses shipping and a tiny bit of depreciation.

    I forget his name but there is a fellow known as "The Bass Whisperer" who posts great amp reviews on youtube.
  7. What are some thoughts on the WT300? Does it run out of headroom fairly quickly or can it hold its own?
  8. The WT300 is a little under powered IMO. I have the WT400 that I've used for many years as my main amp. Even with the highly efficient Eden D410XLT I found myself maxing out that amp on many a gig. It never complained about that kind of abuse and is still running perfect today however I think any less power than the WT400's wouldn't be enough for a lot of people... at least with only a 410 cab. YMMV.
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    When you tried the WT550, what cab were you using?
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    The Eden WT550 is one of the best amps ever made - you liked it, so buy one, and be happy.
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    If you want warm and articulate, with clear-as-a-bell, but not tinny high end, try a Phil Jones amp. The D600 head would do nicely. Even better, go with a Phil Jones combo - something like a Super Flightcase/PB-300 or the Suitcase/4B, or the new Suitcase Compact with a C4.

    As a bonus, PJB has the best DI I've ever used, and a superb 1-knob compressor.
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    That would be Ed Friedland. (Do I win a prize? :smug:)

  13. I was using an Eden 4x10 when I demoed the Wt550, I forget which one though.
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    I would highly suggest checking out Gallien Krueger. They have affordable and nice stuff, and it sounds good with the eq set flat which is huge. I currently play a neo 4x10 and 1001rb head. Perfect combo!
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    If you want a WT, go for the 405, 550 or newer 800, as all these are 2 ohm capable. The older Edens will work great to 4 ohms.

    If you want to go over the top, the WT1205 might just do it.
  17. I've heard good things about the Gallien Krueger stuff, but I can' seem to find any to demo around where I'm at. Any particular model I should be on the lookout for?
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    BTW - the WT550 has plenty of useful watts, and is happy at 2 ohms.
    GK 700 or 1001 models are low-cost used, and are excellent amps as well.
  19. The GK back line (250, 350, 600) series have some issues and don't last. Power supply mainly.

  20. Give M.M.Mooses a break already….. He may be afraid but so will his back with your suggestion.. ;)