AI Doubleshot question

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    Wish I could find a demo with an electric bass.
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    If you've not already done so, check out the DB side of TalkBass for more discussion on this speaker.

    New Acoustic Image 'DOUBLESHOT'

    ETA: Whooops - already mentioned above.
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    Nov 15, 2005
    I have one. I play fretless EB in music theater pits and big bands. I've used it for 2 shows (Shrek, Honk). With 9 to 13 players in the pit, no problem with volume. With the big band, (5 sax, 3 trpt, 4, bones, 4 rhythm) again, no problem with volume, there was plenty. I was using the Clarius SL amp also from Acoustic Image.
    The speaker sounds great, and it works very well with fretless because I can point one speaker to the drummer, or out to the audience and one speaker to me, and that helps greatly being able to hear myself. The 3rd smaller speaker has a button under the cage (you have to have something pointy to get to it. I'm not sure it has all that great an effect on the sound, but, there it is.
    The only thing I'd add is you really do have to get this one up off the floor, or at least I do for my bass and my playing (too much low end if its on the floor). I carry a little folding step stool (cheap, easy to carry) and that works just fine.
    One more thing. There is a backpack that Acoustic Image sells for this speaker. I've never seen one. I think they're too costly at $120.00. You can do quite well with a 14x14 drum case for about $35.00.
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