AI + Gollihur = A Winning Combination!

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Just a shout-out to Acoustic Image and Gollihur Music for the quality of products AND customer service!

    I bought the original Acoustic Image Coda and Coda EX units when they first came out, back when you had to order them direct from the factory. Rick Jones, the head of the company and inventor of the amp, discussed it with me and arranged the sale. When it arrived, I was knocked out by the sound: my bass, only louder! I had many years of virtually trouble-free service from the amp in all kinds of weather and playing situations. When I had a question or a minor problem, Rick Jones always answered the phone when I called and provided information and instructions on how to rectify the problem. In how many other companies does the head of the company and designer of the product also act as the customer service and technical support departments? When I felt the need to upgrade, I discussed it with Rick and ordered the AI Ten2 from Gollihur Music. It arrived with a minor dent in the front panel, incurred during shipping. Mark took it back no questions asked and sent me a replacement unit right away. I recently ordered the Ten2 EX extension cabinet. I placed the order on a Saturday; it arrived on the following Wednesday. Once again, I was knocked out by the sound: my bass, only bigger, MUCH bigger!

    Yes, these units are expensive, but in my experience, their sound, reliability, and support provided is unmatched! And don't we play better when we sound better?
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