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    We just got an Allen & Heath Qu-16 board. This is a multi-layered digital board with a steep learning curve but high potential reward. It is has a high functional integration which promises to eliminate much of the usual offboard gear for live show production. In addition to the built-in multiple effects, graphic/parametric EQs (features seem to be added with every software update), there is the ability to record direct to hard disk 18 tracks via USB; 16 are the pre eq channel inputs and two are selectable from a few stereo sources.

    It also will allow us to set up three stereo monitor mixes for IEMs (or a number of mono mixes). The whole thing should be tweakable via wireless iPad (fingers crossed on this one).

    The following link is a preliminary mixdown of a live recording we made the first night we used the Qu-16 using the direct-to-disk recording capability. We recorded the 18 channels to a Seagate 1TB drive (we only used 10 channels though 18 were recorded).

    We recorded three 45 minute sets and did experience two moments of brief dropouts (<100 msec), which rendered those recorded songs unusable. I am conversing with A&H to determine whether it is the particular HD we are using (it is in the family with one recommend but has a larger capacity), or rather a firmware issue.

    -- bradley
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    Sounds great! Nice job!