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Amount of Stretching

Discussion in 'Jazz Technique [DB]' started by Manticore Guy, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Before and after a practice session or a gig, how much stretching do you guys do?

    For the past year I've been doing various stretches each for 30 seconds 4times a piece and I'm not really sure that it done that much to help me prevent injury.

    I'm especially interested on what forearm/wrist/elbow stretches people have had success with and the amount of time they use.
  2. Marcus Johnson

    Marcus Johnson

    Nov 28, 2001
  3. standupright


    Jul 7, 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
    Brownchicken Browncow
    i do wrist and finger stretches every day. nothing extreme. prob about 15 minutes worth a day.
  4. standupright


    Jul 7, 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
    Brownchicken Browncow
    these stretches are based on aikido arts stretches.
  5. standupright


    Jul 7, 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
    Brownchicken Browncow
    one of the things to remember that most are not educated about, stretching should be slow and deliberate, not quick and bouncy.
  6. Something new?
    I've never met a bass player who did any stretches before or after playing.
  7. standupright


    Jul 7, 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
    Brownchicken Browncow


    been stretching for 25 some years. just good for your ligaments, tendons, and muscles overall.
  8. I don't have an amount of time that I stretch, I do wrist down/wrist up - arm extended - each arm for the durration of 3 deep breaths for each position. As Standupright knows, my deep breaths are very long (Hapkido) but these stretches are not from the arts, just for playing bass. I always do them before playing and do them after if I feel the need to.
  9. Nathan Parker

    Nathan Parker

    Oct 10, 2008
    Seattle, WA
    I started doing some stretching after I developed some wrist pain. I just get a few regular sized rubber bands, put all my fingers in the middle of them, and then collapse and open my fingers. It doesn't seem like much, but the little bit of resistance it adds helps with my wrist. I also try and do some light yoga once or twice a week. I'm not super religious about practicing either of these activities, but I sure notice when I haven't done them in a while.
  10. Chris Symer

    Chris Symer

    Dec 13, 2009
    I'd say plus one to that Marcus, but I want it to still equal zero...
  11. ctxbass

    ctxbass Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2003
    Central Texas

    (Too long of a stretch without posting)
  12. You can't do that.....unless one of the Moderators is a Buddhist
  13. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    +1 (=0)

    Except when my hamstrings or back are tight after a long day of sitting on my tuckus, in which case I may do some body stretches before a concert.

    I'd say it's OK to do that. I'm "close enough for jazz" when it comes to Buddhism. :)
  14. Eric Hochberg

    Eric Hochberg

    Jul 7, 2004
    I've been doing wrist and finger stretches daily, and often between sets and even during sets. I find stretching helpful since my RSI of a few years ago.
  15. how often do you do the stretches? An approximate second or minute time is what i am looking for. I am also a sufferer of an RSI
  16. You didn't state in the OP that you were suffering an RSI.
    I had no intention of making light of this.
  17. every bassist has different stretches. it's crazy.

    my favorites are the ones in this video:

    the one where you make fists wrapped around your thumbs and slightly angle your wrists is killer.

    a good one for my problem zones is to fold my hands, palm to palm, finger to finger, like i'm praying. hold them in front of your chest. then slowly, keeping them together, move them down gradually toward your waist.
  18. Those stretches are great. I've been having a lot of problems with wrist pain since 2009, trying those stretches gave instant relief.

    I've been trying to get into doing yoga regularly. Not specifically for bass playing, just for general health reasons. Definitely the best system for stretching, and helps build strength too.
  19. Eric Hochberg

    Eric Hochberg

    Jul 7, 2004
    Be careful of the wrist extensions, can be very stressful.
  20. mtto

    mtto Supporting Member

    May 25, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Michael Manring has some stretches on an instructional video I have. They're good. Basically just slowly, gently stretching each finger. I do those sometimes. Plus yoga for the whole body.

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