any recumbent bikers out there?

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  1. I just got a Bike E, basically in new condition. Only bad thing is they've been out of production for 6 years so parts are becoming less common. Still fairly easy to find though. This is my first 'bent and yes I know there are a lot of other, much better models, but not for $500....
  2. We have a really great recument bike store about 20 minutes away. The guy does a HUGE buiness! I've ridden several of them but they just aren't my thing. A good friend of mine has a recumbent trike that is an absolute BLAST to ride. The damn thing corners like an F1 car. You could easily kill yourself with it :) It cost a small fortune as well. If I had a ton of money and no other hobbies, I'd probably buy one. My regular bike is working nicely for me right now though.
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    I always felt that there's something thats just wrong about riding a recumbent. Something un-natural and even a little perverse. Maybe its the riders? Its the little mirrors on the helmets and the technical lectures on ergonomics and efficiency. Or the fact that so many cant keep a line in traffic but insist on riding in it with their little flags.:ninja:

    However since i started having wrist problems I've thought about getting one. I like the Bike E a whole lot...seems to have a good position.

    heres a fun Ytube clip....shot by a roady drafting a recumbent that is just haulin'!

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    I like 'bents. They're low enough on the ground for me to bunny hop over em.
  5. I have an ST Conversion II recumbent bike / rower combo.

    I love it. It definitely beats breaking my balls on a real bike and doing sit ups for hours.
  6. I have an ST Conversion II recumbent bike / rower combo.

    I love it. It definitely beats breaking my balls on a real bike and doing sit ups for hours.
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    I've never quite understood the whole Us Against Them ideology that seems to pervade any discussion of 'bents vs. DF bikes...but man does it get heated! Personally I love the whole concept of the 'bent (though I've never ridden one) and I'm always very encouraging of the 'bent cyclists who show up for our club rides.

    I would love to add one to my bike stable some day.
  8. What's DF mean?

    Before I went full-pro stay-at-home-dad I worked in the local bike shop. We repaired a tandem recumbent, & the repairs guy was older & couldn't really get on it. So I captained & the kid(there's 1 or 2 in every shop)stoked. Now, this was years ago & at the time we sneered a bit at 'bent riders, but we laughed our A's off the whole time we rode that thing. It was fun! I wouldn't mind having one, & those trikes are definitely cool.
    Nowadays I don't buy into the division; bikes are bikes, people are people.
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    Diamond Frame.

    Refers to standard road bike construction; though I suspect the term was invented by 'bent riders.

  10. In keeping w/traditional(IME)cyclist elitism, I wondered if it stood for 'Dumb F***'. :D
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    LOL! Touché!
  12. There was a recumbent store in town, but they only lasted a year or two. I've never actually been on one. Seems so unnatural, although there's probably nothing natural about a time trial bike either! ;)
  13. I think an overlooked danger of 'bents is that the riding position is so comfy one might fall asleep at the wheel. :eek:
  14. No, the bent riders call them "Wedgies" :D

    My wife just got a delta trike this weekend. Very cool. Neither of us can ride a wedgie anymore. She's had 3 back surgeries and I just can't deal with the scrotum pain/numbness. The bents get us moving and exercising and will help both of us lose some weight and improve our health. I love them.
  15. I'm not bashing bents, but numbness is often a sign of the wrong seat size, improper fit, improper form, the wrong shorts, or any given combo. I briefly had numbness issues when I had my professional fit, but this was solved by switching seats.
  16. Tried a bunch of different seats. I just find the bent far more comfortable. Plus, it's a blast to ride which will keep us moving and make us healthier. Isn't that the goal, regardless of 'bent or wedgie? It's like my Harley buddies who are more open to Metric bikes than a lot of hard core HOGs like to say, "It's not what you ride. It's that you ride."