ASHDOWN CABS.....any good ??

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  1. oldscarrow

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    Nov 22, 2008
    in my search for a single 15" to go with my 12", I came across an add for an Ashdown Engineering single 15" at what I think is a reasonable price here in OZ, $425 (at least compared to what is available).
    I will give specs, and ask for opinions from those that have owned and used Ashdown gear, in regards to the reliability and build quality, but more importantly...sound.
    Ashdown MAG 115 (1x15" Blueline Spkr)
    250 watts @ 8 Ohms.
    HxWxD=mm 468x604x420
    Weight 27 Kg's
    any Aussie boys use this cab ??
  2. stanger503


    Jun 13, 2003
    Leadville, Co
    well i have the mag 410 and i gotta say that its pretty good. built pretty strongly and can handle some good low end and high end. cant speak for the 15's but ive thought about adding it to my 410 to beef up the lows a little more. if you get it let me know how it is
  3. I'll tell ya. I just bought a slightly used Mag 300 with 4 10"s in it,and also came from my buddy with a 250 watt extention cab.All with Blueline speakers,and I am extatic over it.It absolutely kicks ass.Wonderful deep lows and sparkling clear highs.I love it and would recommend Ashdown to anyone.They are incredible.:)
  4. I have the same Mag 115 cab which I got pre-owned for C$150 after "puppy dog eyeing" the seller from C$225. I think what I have is the older version since the grill on the cab looks different from what you see in the website. The previous owner had gigged the cab almost weekly for a good three years so I thought the driver would have been worn down already. In spite of 3-years worth of gigging the driver was still in good condition after being inspected by a tech. Overall the sound is quite fat and massive typical of a fifteen incher. I've paired it with an old Avatar 210 (pre-neo drivers) and it complements the 210.
  5. rfclef


    Jan 19, 2007
    Gervais, Oregon
    I have a second hand Ashdown Electric Blue (Ashdown's cheap line) 180 watt 1x15 combo with the Blue Line 15" in it and a Mag 2x10 extension cab to go with it, also Blue Line speakers. I love both. Puts out a lot of sound, and sounds great. I am thinking of getting a MAG 300 head drive both cabs or just the 2x10 or getting someone to take the head part out of the combo so that I can use the 2x10 on its own. The 1x15 sounds great on its own, but I deel like i get a little more bite and definition when adding the 2x10...

    Anyhow, to answer the OP: I love the Ashdown gear I have, and will likely get more.
  6. machell


    Jun 6, 2006
    Auckland, NZ
    I got a compact ABM 15 - performed admirably in the year I've had it so far. Great in a big stage rock n roll setting when paired with a 4x10 and very tasty in a small intimate setting too. fat with quite a nice amonut of articulation too. AND it's really nice to be able to one-hand the cab also.
  7. dreadheadbass

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    Dec 17, 2007
    i played through a mag 4x10 at the old studio it was anybodys to use and every practice i'd try and break it and 12 months later it was still working despite being 3 years old and being shared by 6 other bands not to mention being stored in the damp cellar of the place

    so i guess there pretty sturdy.... the sound aint bad either
  8. OlSkewl56


    May 26, 2007
    South Texas
    I have the Mag 115 under an Avatar B212. Was driving it with a Mag 300 and upgraded to an ABM Evo III. I was concerned it may be a little too much for the little guy, but it does fantastic.
  9. mwiles30


    Dec 31, 2008
    Cincinnati, OH
    I just bought an Ashdown rig today, MAG 250 (the last MAG series made in the UK) with a MAG 410.

    I absolutely love them. I know that I don't own the 15, but the 410 sounds fabulous, so the 15 probably will too.
  10. yep I've got a mag410 and it's pretty good. Difficult to beat the Chinese built price for a 4 x 10 by building your own. But I think you'd get better speakers if you DIY'd - or buy the ABM cab which must be even better.
  11. JulienJeff

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    Mar 1, 2009
    It looks like I'm the only one who has been disappointed by the MAG 115 cab.
    I've had it and it was pretty weak. The sound when I played alone was kinda good but in a band, it didn't fit well at all in the mix.
    The lows were really weak.
  12. VisualShock


    Feb 19, 2008
    North Wales
    I've just taken delivery of my MAG 1x15 and it's pretty cool! it sounds really good on it's own, so paired with a 1x12 would probably make for quite a mid-heavy rig, but none the less a respectable one!
  13. I'd be pretty sure that there's a big difference between the MAG speakers and the ABM ones. Interestingly the MAG is priced at £172 GB pounds and the ABM at £283 GB pounds. Now there has to be room to improve the MAG 15 if Ashdown is selling another cab with what looks like identical performance figures - but one is 40% more expensive. If you have a MAG cab and want it to sound better upgrade the speaker chassis with something that has good sensitivity AND adequate power rating. Bass cabs are expensive because they are big and heavy - that mean shops don't like stocking them unless they make a good margin for the space they take up and the shipping is costly as well - when was the last time you saw the postman delivering a 4x10? I know my 4x10's work pretty much the same as a single Delta 15A from Eminence as I've had them both connected at the same time - so I can hear. Now I'm pretty sure if I had 4 Delta 10" chassis in the cab it would have to sound better - but that's £200 GB pounds ($300) worth of new speakers and the MAG 410 cab retails for $300. The arithmetic just doesn’t add up for these to be great cabs - they are built to a price point with some compromises. And a lot of people appreciate that performance at that price. Obviously the performance can be improved - by doubling the price if you change the drivers.
  14. Tried the Eminence 3015 in my MAG410 cab (replaced the 4x10 baffle with a 1x15 set-up). Huge improvement but a little toppy for me - you need to alter the EQing quite a bit compared to 4x10"s. Probably nice if you are into a lot of slap and need the sound of a tweeter - with the 3015 you really don't need the tweeter. A 3015LF is probably more bassy. However I've just come across a Precision Devices PD156. This is the baby you need - plenty of grunt and OMG this thing has a 4.5" voice coil - it's massivly built and weighs nearly 30lbs! So back to a heavier cab - but it's just great. So if you still have those wimpy Sica speakers in yer Ashdown try the 3015LF or better still (IMHO) the PD156. Jeez the 156 must be bombproof - is there a more powerful bass speaker chassis out there? 8mm Xmax, 650 watts. Can't wait for the next outside gig to let it rip. OK, I'll do it inside sooner.
  15. bear


    Dec 14, 2004
    I have had a 210 and a 15 for about 8 years. They sound better with age and have yet to cough. If you want to sweeten the tone, running your bass through a Behringer BDI121 really makes it perfect. The one bitch is they are REALLY heavy, and in this day of Neos, that is a consideration.
  16. Yep take the point with the Behringer. I started using an Artec Parmetric EQ pedal that I got off eBay. Basically I'd have liked to get one of those old NE2 (?) Yamaha EQ pedals that was the basis apparently of Nathan East's sound, but they were either not avaiable for a long time on eBay, or when they did come up just ended up too expensive. The idea is to put a big dip into the EQ at a given range of frequencies. It gives you a more powerful sound that cuts through the band better. However it works, not sure I know what I am doing with it and its four dials, it sounds better somehow - I'll have run it through Adobe Audition to do a frequency analysis and see what its doing.

    If you have those old Sica speakers in the cab they are pretty low powered for a bass cab. Check out the speakers at the Eminence website and take a look at Bill Fitzmaurices website on building speaker cabs. Lots of info that would be useful if you want to change those Sicas out. With one Neo 3015 you'd exceed what you currently have - and lighter, smaller footprint. I've got two - cannot EVER imagine using anything else more powerful on the backline!
  17. pattyløve


    Apr 7, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: Ashdown Engineering, D'addario
    To the OP:
    Ive used ashdown stuff for a while now, they make great cabs! I'm a fellow Aussie and Ive had the MAG cabs as well as the ABM cabs. I've currently spent the last year touring the life out of an ABM610 (and to a lesser extent, a 410) cab and theyre great. Reliable, sturdy and sound great in any venue (big or small) i've played. They have a very big bottom sound without being boomy yet are still clear in the upper mids and highs. I'd describe their sound more on the vintage side of the spectrum rather than modern.

    If you can afford the extra money, I'd say get an ABM series cab. While the MAG are awesome cabs, the ABM are just that next step up! Bass centre in melbourne have a real good price on these if you email them. And Allans Billy Hyde always have Ashdowns in stock, im sure you could take advantage of their receivership sale.

    Edit: FYI,
    MAG115 - $239 at Turramurra music
    ABM115 - $439, not bad prices
  18. The ABM cabs are what Ashdown should have produced right fromthe start. The MAG ones are just build to a price point. I can imagine getting away with using an extra 4x10 cab but both would probably never outperform a single ABM 4x10.

    I got intothe speaker chassis thing as a cheaper alternative to buying top end stuff and paying all that extra dosh on transportation, storage, and retail margins. You can half the price of most cabs by building your own. Stocking big bass stuff must be a real pain for a retailer so I guess the margins need to be good.

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    Jan 4, 2002
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    I've been using and endorsing Ashdown cabs (and amps) for a little over 14 years and I really do like the sound. I use the ABM series cabs and they are far more versatile than people would believe. The low end is very even and when I dial in more bass it just seems to spread in the right direction and all it takes is the most suttle touch and you can hear the difference. For me overall the cabs really work for me and I get a sound out of them that's a combination between old school and modern.

    And they are built like a tank :)