Avid/Digidesign buys M-Audio!

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  1. From the Digidesign webpage:
    Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) today announced that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Irwindale, CA-based M-Audio – a leading provider of digital audio and MIDI solutions for electronic musicians and audio professionals. M-Audio is now a business unit of Avid’s Digidesign audio division, and will market its line of computer audio products alongside Digidesign’s award-winning digital audio workstations for the professional and home/hobbyist markets.

    “There are significant benefits that result from this acquisition – not just for Avid, but for virtually any user who is serious about making high-quality music or audio,” said David Krall, Avid’s president and chief executive officer. “Both Digidesign and M-Audio have visionary leaders who have proven track records for pioneering computer-based audio solutions. In the months ahead, we will tap their respective areas of expertise to develop a versatile and comprehensive set of creative home studio tools to pursue what the National Association of Music Merchants estimates to be a $500 million annual opportunity in the computer music and home recording market.”

    M-Audio’s award-winning line of products – which includes computer audio peripherals, PCI sound cards, keyboard controllers and control surfaces, microphones, microphone preamps, speakers, and distributed software and proprietary sound libraries – complements Digidesign’s family of professional and home audio solutions. As a business unit of Digidesign, M-Audio employs approximately 200 people with domestic operations in California and Wisconsin, and international operations in Canada, England, Germany, France, and Japan. M-Audio’s founder and CEO, Tim Ryan, has joined Digidesign as general manager of M-Audio, reporting to Dave Lebolt, Digidesign general manager and Avid vice president. M-Audio’s headquarters will remain in Irwindale.

    Does this mean we can use Pro Tools with more interfaces now? :bassist:
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    Alright, now I've got a pre-Fender SWR AND a pre-Avid M-Audio.....

    ding a ling!

  3. Very nice.

    Now the "M" will stand for
    "More Better-er"

  4. m as in going to be more expensive :)