Awesome Bass Playthrough Vids

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  1. Hello my friends! I'm a pro bassist in NYC and the frontman of Doug Berns Band, and I am new to TalkBass!

    I am a huge fan of playthrough vids. They are an awesome way to create a visual connection with the bassline of a given tune, and a fun way to experience music as a bassist.

    I recently made a playthrough of one of my songs, "Outlier":

    I love this playthrough by Simon Grove on the song "Cascade" by Plini:

    Post your fav playthroughs to this thread so we can check them out!
  2. When I'm learning a song and think I'm close but just missing something, I always check Youtube to see if this guy, Infusion, has a playthrough video for it. Never see his face but he has alot of stuff on there that I've found useful. Sometimes I've gotten ideas even if it's not for the same song he's playing.

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