Bachuus basses, after a few months.

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    Sep 18, 2017
    Back in the summer I bought a couple of Bachuus basses. I think their distributor dropped them, as they aren't listed anymore at VSN guitars, and I think I got the last two.
    Bachuus Japan Jazz, with Ash body, maple neck/fingerboard, Ray Ross bridge, Gotoh tuners. Only referred to as 'custom shop' pickups. Black burst over purple.
    I have played this bass everyday since new, a handful of gigs, and the last half of the blues festival season. Of all my basses, including a self made 50's P, 71 P, Custom shop Jazz...this is the best Fender style bass I've ever played. It excels in every category. It's so smooth it's comfortable as an old shoe, and sounds like the great one hisself made it. I've let a few people play it, and they all concur- Fabulous bass. And under $2G's to have one custom made for you.

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    Bachuus Global Series, Indonesia. Generic hardware and pickups, quilted maple top.
    It's so totally ordinary it borders on boring. Very pretty. On par with upper end Squiers.

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