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    Oct 27, 2008
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    Hey All,

    I have decided to get back into the bass playing world after taking a few years out to play guitar again.

    My last rig consisted of a Stingray 5HH run through an Eden WT800, 410XLT and 210 XST. I was pretty pleased overall. Got to be a bit much to haul around all the time. I had sold off everything and now I am starting from scratch again.

    I started off with picking up a '74 Fender Precision bass from another member here in the forum. That should be arriving this week. I was in the studio at the beginning of December for 6 days and used their 70's P bass for the bass tracks and was really pleased with the results.

    I am looking for some advice on some amp suggestions as I have not followed the industry as to what is out there now.

    I was kind of leaning towards a 115 and a 210 for cabinets. Have not decided on manufacturer yet. I am still really unsure about what to power them with. I don't anticipate any giant stadium gigs in the future. Mostly rehearsal situations and bar gigs.

    As a guitar player I run a Les Paul through an Orange head and cab straight and really dig that tone. I see Orange seems to be a real love/hate when it comes to bass. I am by no means stuck on Orange, but I am pleased with their quality and sound at least in the guitar world.

    Any suggestions from your experience would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Only suggestion is to NOT mix cabs (1X15 + 2X10), as there is NO good reason to do it.

    Speaker size tells you nothing about it's performance (15's are NOT all lows, and 10"s are NOT punchy).

    Better to double up on your cab of choice (two 1X15's OR two 2X10's).
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    Get two 15"s instead.
  4. monsterthompson

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    Nov 25, 2008
    avoid mixing woofers.
    212 cabs seem to be a sweet-spot for size, weight, and power (unless you are in a mega doom metal rasta dubstep band). some will argue two 112s for a portable, modular rig. super-12 drivers have been a game changer, but they aren't cheap. lots of love for the TecAmp m212, the Berg CN 212, and the Baer ML 112 and 212 cabs. the Barfaced cabs are awesome (i've heard), but spendy. Thunderchild and Fearful/less designs also have some big fan-bois here (and for good reason). check some mega-threads.