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    Nov 2, 2005
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    Hello fellow Members,

    I did a research around and there were quite a few Threads about Bass Shops and such but it wasn't quite what I'm looking for.
    Let me explain real quickly here (and if there's already a similar Thread please excuse me, also I hope that I've post this Thread in the right place):

    What I would like to know is if you coluld help me with a list of BASS ONLY realted shops around the globe. In particular I'm looking for a "boutique" type with a small array of basses, so not the "massive" ones like Guitar Center, Thomann or such.
    Possibly with an array of high end basses. It can be anywhere around the globe (not only US).

    Some examples:

    - Boutique Bass Guitars | Fern Park, FL - Bass Central

    I hopefully made myself clear. So if any of you has any idea please post a link in the Thread.

    Thank you very much
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