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  1. ryanramone


    Jul 13, 2013
    I just bought a Ampeg SVT 350 that appears to be a older head connected to a Ampeg 2x15 cab and im playing on a Active fender bass and any time I play it clips. I took it to a friend and we tried a couple of basses out on it and all were active and all appeared to be clipping but then when we plugged in a Passive bass and it sounded fine. My question is that can a old Ampeg possibly not be able to handle a active? It even clips with the pad button pushed in. Any advice?
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    Turn down the gain (input level) on the amp?
  3. ^^

    Or the volume on the bass and run the volume on the amp higher.
  4. ryanramone


    Jul 13, 2013
    the gain is at 2
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    On your active Fender start with a flat eq and see if it still clips ...

    If you turn up the bass on your amp and turn up the bass on your active bass then you have bass overload and it will clip. The same goes for mids, and gain.

    The bass knob increases the gain at the bass frequency, and does middle and treble.