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Bassist Needed for hardcore band LA, CA

Discussion in 'Wanted: Bass Players' started by jonathanspaz, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. jonathanspaz


    Mar 11, 2008
    Short story:
    Damn Regina is looking for a bassist for recording, touring, and all that other fun band stuff. We have heavy music you can listen to some demos at myspace.com/damnregina and if you have any questions and or want to possibly meet to "jam" contact Jonathan
    562 556 6630
    21+, no drugs, no racism, and we don't discriminate.

    Long Story:

    Vocalist, guitarist, and drummer, currently practicing in Vernon, are looking for a bassist. Each of us bring a diverse set of tastes to our collaboration, everything from old school punk to metal-influenced hardcore. The important thing to us is a heavy sound, a message in our lyrics (whether social, political, or personal), and having fun as a group as we practice, pursue booking, and start recording material. Each of us provide input and feedback about the songs as they form and each individual's performance, so our bassist would be expected to contribute their voice to the process, as well as accept constructive criticism (and enthusiastic encouragement!).
    We are all male and in our 20's, and while we do not discriminate by race, gender, or sexual orientation, we do ask for 21+ musicians only with their own transportation and equipment. Please respond to the email above with as much information as you can provide, and as many questions as you have (we will certainly have lots of questions for you should we meet).
    Thank you, and good luck to everybody pursuing music here.

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