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Bassists from the Southern Hemisphere

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by bryprezcern, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. bryprezcern


    Jun 5, 2007
    As musicians in this globalized era, with have the power to access all kinds of information from musicians all across the planet. But most of the times we are just stock in the Matt Garrisons, Hadrien Ferauds, Janeks and every mainstream bass player that appears on Bass Player or other forums. That's just great, but I think that as musicians we have to broaden our perspective and see what people of other geographical points are doing. In this thread I'm including an example of a bassist I stumbled across quite some time, and he stills amaze me.
    His name is Christian Galvez, from Chile. This was the guy that Stanley Clarke included in his band in 2005. From Stanley's website it reads:

    Stanley recently played a concert in Chile with the best musicians of that country. After performing with bass player Christian Galvez, he immediately invited him to join the band.

    Christian is a virtuoso of jazz, fusion, Chilean and Latin American rhythms and experimental music. He has played with the best musicians in Latin America, as well as Billy Cobham, Mike Stern, Iván Lins, Leni Andrade, and Fareed Haque. His albums include Christian Gálvez (2000) Cero (2002) Dinámica Solista (2004) Christian Gálvez Trio & Live (DVD 2005).

    He has played on more than a hundred albums of Chilean and foreign artists and has performed all over the world.

    Here is a video of Christian perfoming with his band:

    Like Christian, there are thousands of other bassist that should be watch over because they are making incredible music with this one instrument: The Bass.

    Here are some other to look after:

    Alain Pérez (Cuba-España):

    Charles Benavent ( España)

    Guillermo Vadalá (Argentina)

    Itiberê (Brasil) :

    Féliciano ARANGO (Cuba):

    Feel free to add some more if you like!
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  2. jazzluva6


    Dec 4, 2008
    Finally someone recognizes Juan Garcia-Herreros !!!!! I really hope Bass player magazines start to give him the recognition he deserves. He is one of the most peaceful and nicest human beings I have ever met..... and he is playing just gorgeous ! This was recently posted on you tube ! So EXCITED !!!!

    Thanks again Bryan for mentioning him :smug:
  3. Nedmundo

    Nedmundo Supporting Member

    Jan 7, 2005
    My brother owns a recording studio in Johannesburg, South Africa (www.thecooler.co.za), and in 2003 he recorded several tracks by an African pop/jazz artist from Botswana named Banjo Mosele. The entire band was from Botswana, and my bro' said they were the best players in the country. The bass player is named Gard, and he is just fantastic.

    Here's the music page from Banjo's site:


    Gard is on the track "Selina," which my brother recorded, and which hit number one in Botswana. He might be on others but I'm not sure. Banjo apparently had the number one track in Botswana again last month:

  4. Bathiki, baby...

    don't want to be pedantic, but Puerto Rico & Cuba are both Northern Hemisphere...

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