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BBE Bmax Volume

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassmodder, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. My volume output knob seems to only be effective to about 5. Most of the taper takes place even before it gets to the five position. Past 5 seems to be just empty space...:mad:

    Is this normal?

    Has anyone tried swapping resistors and had better performance of the volume knob?

    The volume knob on my QSC is recessed, so please don't recommend that I use it's volume control.

    Thank you much in advance!
  2. Mine works normally so I think yours has a problem.

  3. I e-mailed the tech support so we will see what they say. Upon further inspection my gain (passive P bass in the active slot) is set at the magical "2" and I can still get it to distort when no compression is applied.

    I really did get THE SOUND from this, so there is no way I am getting rid of it. It is just REALLY hot. I am hoping they can send me the resistors for it... (Ran into the "input mod" on p.2 of the search).
  4. BBE said that my vol pot is bad, and the pot and resistors are too hard to find around here, so she is off for a free tune-up at Huntington Beach.

    Didn't even need to give them my receipt!

    **Now I have to gig with my Beh*in*er bass head. Who knew bass could sound sooo dry. :(
  5. amos


    Oct 23, 2003
    SE Portland Oregon
    if you have a first generation model, have the mod done when you ship it off.

    I have a first generation model, but it's the tube version. I put replaced the stock 12ax7 with a 5751, and it helped tame the input gain tremensly (yes I realize this is not a word). Only problem with the 5751 is it's a bit noisier for recording.
  6. They will mod it and replace the pot for free. Those are some REALLY odd resistor values, so more power to them I guess.

    I wish I could make something of the S/N on the box.

    Cost me 10 bucks- I can not buy the pot and resistors for that price. Plus if it still does not work right, guess who's door I will be knocking on. Not my own.

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