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Beatles/Paul McCartney

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by the_luke, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. the_luke


    Jul 3, 2005

    I'm auditioning for a local Beatles tribute, and of course I'll be Paul McCartney. Aside from having to use a pick and play some challenging riffs ("I saw her standing there" is fast!!) I have to sing.

    My question, out of the following songs, does Paul sing the whole thing (i.e. is the main singer), or just provide the harmonies? I'm not that good at distinguishing Paul's and John's voices.

    All My Loving
    From Me To You
    Nowhere Man
    I Saw Her Standing There
    Come Together

    Is there an online resource which provides this information for other songs too?

    (My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.)

  2. JohnnyA


    Aug 21, 2004
    I have a book that's called "The Complete Beatles Chord Book" and at the back it lists all the Beatls songs according to album and who sang "lead" on them.

    It shows these:
    All My Loving - Paul
    From Me To You - John and Paul
    Nowhere Man - John
    I Saw Her Standing There - Paul
    Come Together - John

    Thats all I know of as for resources.

    Good luck with the audition.

  3. the_luke


    Jul 3, 2005
  4. good site to check out:
  5. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    Are you a lefty? :)

    Got a violin bass?

    Paul used a pick a LOT.
  6. In "All My Loving" live in the 60's, Paul would sing lead for the majority of the song, but on the last verse George would sing lead and Paul would take the high harmony (presumably because it was too high for either George or John to reach- Paul is double tracked on the record), but these days Paul sings lead throughout the song while another member of the band takes the high part.

    Paul sings the high harmony on the "Nowhere Man" three part.
  7. j-raj

    j-raj Bassist: Educator/Soloist/Performer Supporting Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    Indianapolis, IN
    cool gig... sounds like fun.

    Check out Will Lee's Beatles tribute band... I heard they are really good. Something like The Fab Faux.
  8. the_luke


    Jul 3, 2005
    Thanks for the advice! It's very useful. I'm still not quite sure how I'm going to juggle playing the bass riff for "I Saw Her Standing There" with a pick, while singing... it's a rather quick turnaround!

    I don't have a violin bass, though I will get one if I get the gig. I'm not that keen as to buy equipment before it's necessary. Just going to use my Ibanez with jazz flats and a sponge mute for extra DB sound. I'm also not a lefty, but... I'm not sure how many left handers with the ability to play bass and sing Paul McCartney's high parts, who are also actually willing to commit to a pretty serious gig there are in my city.
  9. Dont think Paul played through a BXR much either Luke... :D :D :D
  10. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    I've read that the Brice violin bass is quite nice.

  11. iamthebassman


    Feb 24, 2004
    Endorsing Artist: Phantom Guitars, Eastwood Guitars
    I'm a lefty, play bass in a Beatles band, I play a Hofner and a Rickenbacker 4001S. And "I Saw Her Standing There" isn't that tuff, just get the bass part down so you can concentrate on getting the lyrics right, 'cause, believe me, everyone in the audience knows 'em, and knows if you mess 'em up!