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  1. My highschool orchestra starts with intermediate level, and with a few weeks before school starts, is there any possibility i could be able to learn enough to play in the orchestra or should i take private lessons for a year and join next year, possibly auditioning for advanced orchestra? ive played bass guitar for a while, so im not clueless as far as bass stuff goes. I would love to be able to switch to orchestra this year, i just wasnt sure its a realistic goa.:meh:
  2. Do you have any experience at all with Double Bass? Sounds like you are planning to use a school instrument. I would reccomend you to find a teacher, so you don't hurt yourself.
    Bottom line though, it is unrealistic to think you can go from novice to intermediate level in two weeks. Be patient, learn it right, it is worth it.
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    I would agree that getting a teacher needs to happen to avoid injury and beginner problems, however depending on the make up of the high school orchestra, they may be dying for bassists. I would try making an appointment with the director and talking it over. He or she may be able to help you find a teacher too. Any High School director should be into helping a student out who wants to play.
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    Talk to the school orchestra teacher and tell them you really want to be in the orchestra, but you're not sure that you'll be ready. Ask their advice and get their reaction. He/She may be so pleased with your interest and attitude that they help you. Are there that many qualified orchestral doublebassist in your high school?
  5. there are a few other bassists, i do know that much. ive emailed another orchestra teacher i met at summer camp who was my bass guitar teacher, and he gave me a good list of teachers. Im probably gonna take lessons for a year and then start next year. unfortunatly my mom keeps telling me that "i can do it if i try hard enough, and if you dont think you should start orchestra now you dont really want to play" :( so yeah.. thanks for the advice though :):hyper:
  6. Just wondering, is your Mom a musician?
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    Here's an idea: Get a teacher, and then work with the H.S. orchestra teacher to get copies of the music they're playing. That way you can work on it and get a feel for the level of repertoire that will be expected of you when you're ready to join.
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    Your mom's not necessarily wrong. It depends on the situation. I don't think you can learn and convincingly go in as qualified in a few months. But, it's a school orchestra and maybe the teacher would encourage you to try. Some of the local community orchestras take players as beginners, but don't necessarily put them into the public performances until they are ready. Could you learn to play well enough to perform with them in 6 months if you tried hard enough..I would guess yes. Your issue is that school starts now and you're not ready, but maybe the teacher would encourage you and if they knew you were working on it, would welcome you provisionally.

    The suggestion right above this post is a good one too. Make sure the teacher knows you're working towards is.

    Quick personal story: When I was in 3rd grade, my sister was in Jr High and I played a small part in their school musical. I was hooked, but my grade schools didn't do musicals, so I had no opportunity for the next 3 years. Musicals were kind of a big deal at the Junior High and the lead parts were very competitive. My first day of 7th grade (jr high) I introduced myself to the choir teacher and told her my goal was to have the lead in the musical the by the end of 8th grade and asked her to work with me. It was a humble and reasonable goal and I offered to do the work and ask for her help. Of course, when 8th grade casting came around I got the part.

    In general, in America, Choir and Orchestra teachers and dying for young students to find a passion for what they teach and usually they have trouble getting enough who are sincere. Some schools have unique situations, but I can't imagine that if you identify yourself to that teacher as someone who really wants it, will do your part, will appreciate any help or guidance they give you and you're willing to wait while you're working towards being ready, they're going to help you. They just are, that's why they chose that profession.

    I could be wrong, but it's worth finding out if its what you want to do.
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  10. Well, it turns out my school has a beginner orchestra, atleast the counseler says so, but it wasnt listed at all before :meh: so yeah... i took my first lesson yesterday, and it went very well. i played cello for one year in 4th grade, and my teacher said that even that little bit of experiance helped a lot, and that i picked up bowing and positions and stuff very quick. I cant wait to start school now (well..kinda) and im realy glad i made this decision:hyper: I got an engelhardt, i bought it, but it was on sale, and its the blonde colored one, and i like being unique, so it worked out :bassist:
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