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  1. I want to enter to the 6 str bass world , and move from 4 to 6 strings .
    I play bass since 2007 and i have developed since then a lot and i play since then my Ibanez gsr 200 and i have no experience playing with more strings , only few times i have played a 5 str . Since i have been influenced by youtube players by watching many videos with bass covers and instructional videos my love always been the 6 str , i really like playing crazy chords , slap , and fingerstyle . I play to my local church band for all these years and i want to move to another level of playing as much as i can .
    Now to the point , i can spend about 1284 us dollars which means 1010 euros because i live in Greece which is still in the E.U.
    I want the best possible bass with these money , and i have a few basses in mind and i want your opinion for new or used basses . Keep in mind that i cant try many basses in at my local music stores which is problem i know it , so please help folks and God bless you .
    I like the new Ibanez sr premium 1206 which is awesome and the full pack is really a very good suggestion.
    i also like peavey's and roscoe's but they are more than i can handle , only if i find a good used one .

  2. Roy Vogt

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    Sep 20, 2000
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    This is way under your budget, but looks interesting.
    Since you're in the EU you might see if there are any used Human Base, Sandberg or Hotwire 6s around. They're all very good German brands. Also Status. These are all pricy, but I would imagine used they'd be more reasonable.
  3. Wallace320

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    Mar 19, 2012
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    I believe Ibanez Soundgear SR1206E Premium is the best in your price range, buyin' for new.
    Used, if you find one (I remember a guy in Spain, not fellow TBer tho', sellin' a Vintage white/tort one a few months ago) you could trust a German Clover Apeiron Classic: a Jazz bass replica with 6 string and dual Delano humcancelling singles.

  4. Vakmere


    Sep 6, 2007
    For the money they're all going to be decent however you may have to set them up to your liking and perhaps upgrade the electronics if there is a particular tone you're going after. Also play it every day until you know every note on that fingerboard. It will take about a year to really develope technique, hand strength, toutch, and then apply it to your music. Besides, if you break a string you'll have 5 left. Strange screen name you have there......:eyebrow:
  5. the wako kid

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    May 11, 2011
    I think you might want to try a five concerted to EADGC before you jump straight to six. many players find even a five string to be cumbersome,I'd reccomend at least putting in some time on one before you go out and majorly invest in a very expensive instrument that you may not like.perwsonally I think fives are cool and transitioning from five to four was very simple,but a six is really awkward for and if I bought one, I'd have to know if it was absolutely perfect for me.
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    "best"... tough one... I own 3... not sure any of them are better... price ranged from 500-5000 USD