Best Backup Bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Musicmanbassguy, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Musicmanbassguy


    Dec 31, 2014
    I'm planning on buying a new backup jazz bass, but I'm torn between the Squier Vintage Modified 70's Jazz, a G&L Tribute Series JB-2, or a Fender Stand Jazz MIM. Any thoughts?
  2. What are you playing for your main bass? If you want strictly a backup , you might want to stick with something that's close to your main player. I have two practically identical P Basses for gigging (although they do sound a bit different.) The bands I play in really don't need any sound that I can't get from them. If you are doing a wide variety of types of music or a genre that requires very different tones , go for something different from what you already have. If I wanted or needed a much tighter sound or a modern tone , I would bring my Ibanez or Cort along for gigging. Since that is not required , I keep the Ibby and Cort in my practice room and have them tuned differently to be able to work on You Tube stuff that I am learning. (One is tuned standard and the other is tuned to Eb.) It's amazing how many songs are on You Tube in Eb.
  3. Sounds like you are wanting a Jazz-ish sounding bass to back up a Jazz bass. That's a good idea. Another approach, at at least for me, is to have a complimentary pair, like a fretted and a fretless, or maybe the same bass or type of bass, one with rounds and the other with flats. Either way it's a good plan. The basses you mentioned are good players and would make excellent back-ups. Read some reviews and go try them out if possible.
    I like Fenders myself, but I have played some of the current Tributes and Squiers and have been impressed.
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  4. jd56hawk


    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    Since you're talking backup, the Squire VM might be a good choice...$300 new, $200 or so used.
  5. I'd agree with JD56Hawk. If it's strictly as a backup beater, get the Squier - It could be fun gradually modding it, too. Squier VM Jazz with Aguilar 60's pickups, anyone? :)
  6. The Chuck

    The Chuck

    Dec 11, 2013
    Wilmington, NC
    I just picked up a new VM Jazz at GC. 270 out the door. Can't beat it for that kind of scratch.
  7. mpdd

    mpdd neoconceptualist

    Mar 24, 2010
    vintage japanese squier jazz with hotter pickups and a threaded bridge?
  8. lfmn16

    lfmn16 Inactive

    Sep 21, 2011
    charles town, wv
    Would this be 'best backup bass for metal?' :D

    I think we can assume you play a music man bass, given your screen name, but you should confirm that, the music you play and anything else that would help someone make a useful suggestion.
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  9. Musicmanbassguy


    Dec 31, 2014
    I play a few different styles, including metal, along with jazz, rock, and sub genres along those lines.
  10. lfmn16

    lfmn16 Inactive

    Sep 21, 2011
    charles town, wv
    You still haven't confirmed that you play a musicman, but assuming you do, why is the Sterling my Musicman not on your list?
  11. Musicmanbassguy


    Dec 31, 2014
    I do, and I also own a SUB Ray4, in terms of Sterling. Just looking for a bass better for jazz type projects.
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  12. lfmn16

    lfmn16 Inactive

    Sep 21, 2011
    charles town, wv
    Now I understand. Looking for a bass for jazz type projects is a different question than looking for a backup bass. Backup bass implies a bass to play when your primary bass is unavailable. I don't own the Squier VM jazz, but it gets great reviews. Try the search function; it's your friend.
  13. JIO

    JIO Be seeing you. Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jun 30, 2010
    The Mission SF/CA
    musician/artist/owner - Gildaxe
    If you are talking about a back-up bass that you gig with, I would keep it the same model/style, as in a Jazz or P-bass, at least the same neck. Different profile necks can trip you up if a quick switch is needed in the middle of a gig.
  14. +0.5.
    Not sure I would put Aguilars in a bass that costs less than the pickups, but there is merit to swapping out the stock pickups for something better.
    I once put Aguilar J60's in an MIM 5 string. Massive transformation, but costly!
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  15. But now that I think of it, the pickups in my 2014 MIM jazz are much better than in the older models. So, my vote is for the MIM.
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  16. wmhill

    wmhill Inactive

    Aug 20, 2012
    upstate NY
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    all my love would go to the G&L.....................
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  17. friendlybass


    Jul 19, 2012
    +11 on the G&L.
    I dont have a backup bass, they all only go forward
  18. Antisyzygy


    Dec 8, 2014
    I was pretty impressed with a Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass body I picked up. It just feels high quality.
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  19. Tony In Philly

    Tony In Philly Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2007
    Filthydelphia, USA
    How about a Steinberger? Less footprint for hauling around.
  20. bassbenj


    Aug 11, 2009
    Yeah great if you never play it! Small. But I haven't decided about keeping mine. Just feels weird when I play it. Sounds OK though. Looks weird hanging on you too!

    My backup choice is something you play. So I like a fretted-fretless pair. Of course the choice of pair depends on the music you are playing as someone already noted.