Best small-footprint REVERB pedal is ..... ?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by smo, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a small-footprint reverb, nothing bigger than a Red Panda Context for example.

    The Neunaber Immerse has me very interested, as does the Context.
    Immerse Reverberator
    I'm also looking at the Dr. Scientist, TC Hall of Fame, Digitech Polara but I'll consider anything really.

    FWIW - I play guitar aswell as keys and bass, and my pedalboard covers all 3, so I need a pedal that doesn't cut any low end, or preferably can be tuned to work well with the lows.
    I don't assume this will be a major problem, but I've been wrong before! Also, I've found that pedals with tactile controls, rather than pre-sets, tend to be easier for me.

    If you were going to buy a reverb to cover keys, bass & guitar, which pedal would you buy?
  2. tfer


    Jan 1, 2014
    I use a TCE HOF mini.

    But, like any other effect, my rig and application is probably significantly different than yours, so take any recommendations with a HUGE grain of salt.
  3. Nev375


    Nov 2, 2010
    IE Nimbus.
  4. Moody Tuner

    Moody Tuner

    Jun 30, 2017
    I'm in a similar situation where I'm interested in a reverb pedal that would cover bass and guitar. The reverberator looks interesting!
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
  5. Alien8


    Jan 29, 2014
    I have bought the TC mini and full size HOF, Red Panda Context, Iron Ether Nimbus plain & SE versions and the Meris Mercury7.

    Of those, the Red Panda Context is my fav on guitar. There are sooooo many options to get the verb to pop. For bass it is an excellent pedal as well, and I would say that only the Nimbus SE beats it. The Context is very good at being small or huge sounding, and has some decent tone tailoring options. My only complaint about it is when trails are used, the mix knob is active in bypass, meaning that when you are full wet, the clean signal is completely bypassed. Again, only in trails bypass mode, a true bypass works as expected. I have a Context I might be willing to part with, PM me if you have any interest. The only reason it's going is because I need expression control of the reverb level, but keep reading...

    The Nimbus SE will always be my favorite. It's a very nimble pedal, with oodles of playability options that no other pedal has. It does pretty good on guitar and synth \ keys too. The trails and expression modes are gold, fully tweakable in everyway and the tone is fantastic. I didn't completely like the very small amount of noise in the verb, and this is a really minor and part of the nature of the reverb signal at longer trails, and man does it go on in a great playable way. The combination of input level and treble and bass control is just so powerful to sculpt the sound. In comparison to the Context, there are fewer reverb shaping options, but far more tone options. You can approximate one with the other in a few different ways, but ultimately the Context has more sounds, and the Nimbus SE does what it does REALLY well.

    I'm now using the Meris Mercury7. It's pretty option heavy, and is quite the beast to learn how all the controls work together. I can't get it to do some of the stuff the Context does, and it has some design choices that hold me back from saying it's the best verb ever. In many ways it makes me want my Nimbus SE back, but I am pushing to learn because the sound is just so damn good. The mix knob has a different taper for full wet - it basically cuts the dry signal only, so there is no blending of dry tones. It does have a kill dry mode as well that requires clever and costly routing to blend on a pedal board. I may not have bought this pedal had I known some of that - I should mention that I use it in stereo, so using it mono might remove so e of these challenges. The expression pedal control is what really sold me, and the tone. It's tonal options are deep and more varied and weird. It's a very musical pedal that easily becomes an instrument rather than an effect.

    The others do ok, and on a budget through an amp they are fun. For recording, the three above are good.

    I haven't ventured into Strymon verb land, but it's deep too.
  6. Korladis

    Korladis Inactive

    I just use an EHX Holy Grail Nano. It gets the job done.
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  7. Out of your list, I'd go Dr Sci, BITQUEST!
    It does reverb, flanging, dirt, crazzzzy sounds...

    Bitquest would be versatile and sound great with bass, keys & guitar.

    If worried about low end getting mushy, then IE Nimbus.
  8. That Coyote

    That Coyote

    Apr 7, 2017
    +1 IE Nimbus.
  9. Hands down the Iron Ether Nimbus. I own three of them...a V1, a V2 and the SE. Nothing else sounds remotely as good on bass as the Nimbus does. I bought the Immerse and it sounded good by itself, but I immediately was lost in the mix the second the band started playing, so I sold the Immerse to my guitar player. Nimbus, allllllll the way.
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  10. Thanks everyone!
    The Nimbus, Mercury, Immerse & Context all have me very interested. The Dr Scientist stuff looks pretty funky too.
    I've gas'd for a Bitquest for ages....

    So did the tone knob help this at all?
    What is it that makes the Nimbus cut thru the mix compared to the Immerse?

    Great post!
    Yeah I'm staying away from strymon - I already own a Mobius, really don't want a Big Sky at this stage as I doubt I'll ever dig deep enough to warrant such a monster.
    The Mercury has me very curious. The swell function on the Mercury would be really useful with keys, especially synth, that pedal looks really cool given it has control over the tone also. I like the way it can do those lo end rumbles that head down low from the original note.
    You said it didn't appear to do all the tones that the Context could. Are we talking straight up regular/vanilla reverb sounds?
    And given you been through quite a few verbs;
    Compared straight up between the Context, Nimbus & Mercury, what does the Nimbus do better?
  11. Alien8


    Jan 29, 2014
    The Context is really good at each of the verb settings it has, and yes, fairly straight up verb sounds (no pitch up stuff). The ranges for the dials were chosen with care, and the predelay is its key. On bass it can get really unruly on the room setting, but the other modes are great. The Meris has two algos, and those two are very distinct in flavor, different from what's out there now. The controls interact quite a bit and that could be the reason I haven't found some of the Context sounds, but, to me they just sound like different things. The Context has this familiar and pleasing sound, and sits well in a mix. The Meris is a different animal that sounds good in all situations, but doesn't play like a regular verb. The Meris is a bit more dynamic, like a multi room sound, as opposed to the Context being the old faithful, single room or cathedral tone. I'm finding the Meris takes time to set right, while the Context just works, and is easier to dial in. Context is good a reproducing what is there and not over inflating it, while still being responsive to the sound going in - doesn't have a baked in tone as much as others. The Meris can just do all kinds of things to the sound, and it's a shame to use it as a vanilla verb box, which is part of the reason for the Context not leaving (which was the back up to the Nimbus V1 not working out for me). I should also mention the delay algo, it's a really great setting. You can get right down to some double tracking stuff with it, like fixed flange. You can even use it to overload the circuit and get a pretty good drive sound out of it.

    The Nimbus SE. The Special Edition version. The magic of this box is being able to adjust the amount of signal going into the reverb tank. I wasn't expecting it to be so influential on the sound. When you want a nice room sound turning this lower, the size up and riding the level and tone knobs reveal just how much control you have. It excels at sound stage placement over the others. You could position the signal at the back of the room, and still have a subtle bouncy effect, or \ and transition to a monstrous cavern. What I didn't like about the V1 was the signal overload that would happen, and this control allows you to ride the level in a way that still keeps the dynamic quality of the verb very much alive. It's a single algo, but it covers a lot of ground because of this control. I'd like a pre delay on it, but it's really not required. As far as performance features, the level controls, trails and expression control are all seamless without clicks, of jumps or weird, unpredictable changes. You turn it on, fade in some stuff, hit the trails bypass, and it doesn't change its behaviour at all. The Nimbus SE is the perfect middle ground between these two - Sweet and subtle or wild and in your face without going over the top. And when it does start to be too much, you just pull it back a bit, or switch it off to a great exit.

    With the Meris the Mix knob function is just dumb IMO, and the swell is a piss off on bass, not executed well at all (clicky zaps when the note is triggered on bass). There's also some odd behaviour with the way the trails interact with the bypass, like they get cut short. There are some really poor choices that these 20 years of experience musicians made for the pedal format - in a 500 series you could get away with some of this, but certainly not the electric shock swell feature. For these lack of polished items I feel a bit ripped off, but I really like what it does musically, and will work to find a way to get the playability closer to the Nimbus SE. I can only hope they revisit their stance on these problems, and fix them. I mean, clicky zaps in a very expressive reverb is just disappointing.
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  12. Thanks again
    I've seen a few youtube demo's and haven't heard any of that.
    Despite all of this, I'm leaning toward the Context & the Numbus so far. The way I could get the nimbus to work with different instruments (read different input levels) is pretty important for me, but the context does looks pretty useful too given I run a comp at the start of my chain to set everything to a modest level that works with fussy fuzz pedals.
  13. Alien8


    Jan 29, 2014
    Yup, none of that is mentioned anywhere. And really, for most people it seems to be working? A couple other bass players have had similar problems. Meris politely told me that's the way it is.
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