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Bionic! best band ever.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by jimmy ray, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. i just got back from seeing Bionic(from montreal) for the second time this weekend, and i'm completly amazed. i was home to moncton on the weekend and ended up seeing them on friday night without ever hearing of them before, PJ of the monoxides and iron giant(also 2 great bands;) )recomened that we stay for the show, and wow, was he ever right. these guys were on fire! the opening band heelwalker really got things going too, with some good old fashioned rock and roll, and a great cover of mississippi queen. so then bionic took the stage, and rocked out like i've never seen before, the 2nd guitarist broke 3 strings on the first 5 notes of the first song, and somehow managed to have all 3 replaced, streched a bit and tuned before they got to the second song(the first song wasnt anymore that 3 minutes long tops) these guys were incredible, and they only got better when i saw them tonight, i had no idea they'd be in fredericton, but saw the poster and they were even better tonight. the music is kind of like maximum r'n'r style rock speed and intensity meets tricky woo, but with some motown style soul mixed in for good measure. i got their newest cd, and it dosent even come close to the crazyness of their live show. i've never seen anything like it before, it beats nasty on and maximim r'n'r hands down, and for those of us lucky enough to have seen these groups live, you know what i mean. i just cant believe how awsome it was. thanks for reading.

    PS> for a film festival this week, some of the trailer park boys were at another bar down the street, randy wouldnt stop complementing my sideburns and even wrote nice burns on and autograph sheet. kick ass!