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    Aug 14, 2018
    hello folks!

    My new bass just arrived last week, it was made by an brazilian luthier company.
    I love the finish and he have such a high gain, and a low mid boost that i really dig.
    It sounds REALLY bright and punchy(not so much on this video), works for slap like a charm.
    I would like to know your opinions, about the sounds and finish(by pictures), i know its hard to tell without real seeing the bass or listening to other videos, tell me what u can know looking at the pics and that video.
    There is a video of me playing a gospel song, by eli soares, for this song i used less highes e high mids.
    Maybe this post should be in Luthiers Corner? Sorry if it should, some admin can tell and then i move it, or move for me :) thanks guys!!

    - Alder body
    - Maple neck and scale
    - Brazilian Pups made by the luthier
    - Brazilian circuit made by a brazilian company named TB TECH(3 band eq, passive/active, low mid boost)
    - 21 frets
    - Monorail bridge

    Foto de Alencar Canton (2).jpg Foto de Alencar Canton (1).jpg Foto de Alencar Canton.jpg
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    That's a very sweet looking bass! Sounds great too! Nice playing! :thumbsup:
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    Aug 14, 2018
    Thank you, my friend. You are very kind.
    Im actually discovering how to reach the tones that i like, ill need more some time :D
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