Carol Kaye's Autobiography

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  1. Anyone read Carol Kaye's autobiography? It's selling for ~$30 on her website. Having a difficult time finding reviews.
  2. Replying to my own post... In case anyone is interested in the autobiography... I got it last week. Carol signed it, which was super cool to see. Thought I'd write a small review in case anyone is interested in reading it too.

    In short, it has interesting parts for sure, but it's long. I mean 500 pages long. That would normally be okay but it's in dire need of editing. She writes in the very beginning that she wanted the story to be from her and not filtered through an editor. I can understand that. Although, it can be difficult to read through. There are good stories about her studio and personal experience, and raising kids on her own through it all. Those stories are sparse and what seems to randomly placed over the book. Those interesting bits are hidden among mounds of information regarding other studio musicians (and their wives, wives careers, those folks kids, etc.) I wasn't personally interested in learning about. There's a good book in there, it just needs some organization, and again, editing.

    Her contributions to music are undeniable. I find her career and how she got there worth reading through the book. I just wish it was a little more compact and focused.
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