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Carruther's EUB SUB-1 Volume issue question

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by DDBASS7, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    Greetings:Just joined Talkbass today-been a reader for years.
    I have a CARRUTHERS EUB SUB-1,strung w/D'Addario Heliocore Orchestra strings (previously w/Spirocore).
    There's always been less volume on the A & E strings, especially playing ARCO than the G & D strings.
    Is there a way to adjust the volume on the PU?
  2. No, unfortunately.
    I modified mine by changing the bridge and using regular DB pickups.

    In the facts:
    There are two pickups on the SUB-1, but only one is used.
    The pickups are small circular things beneath the black tone bars.
    There's a piece of some kind of rubber (looks like eraser gum) that's screwed into a hole into the tone bar.
    That thing touches the pickup that's on the G string side of the bass.
    You could try to transfer it on the E side of the bass.
    You'll get more bass, but maybe loose too much of the top strings.

    Good luck!
  3. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    Thanks for the reply-was hoping the holes on the PU bars could tweak the volume w/the correct tool.
    When I bought the EUB, the strings were almost flat on the board-more fretless quality than UB.
    Called Carruthers & asked for a taller bridge, or I'd have to return the bass-couldn't dig in.
    Had me trace a bridge on my UB, & sent me a much higher bridge & also very nice looking bridge, that works well.
    It's just the weaker volume on the A & E ( much weaker/worse on the A-esp. w/ARCO)
    Still get great reviews when using the bass, but...need to bow those "money notes" on many Jazz gigs, even if it's only on an intro or ending.
    Let me know if you think of anything.
  4. Can you post a pic of the new bridge, please?

    Maybe you just need the right bridge for the proper balance.
    The SUB-1 was not really designed for arco playing I guess.

    I have two suggestions:

    Get a regular DB bridge (3/4 size), have it fit by a luthier with the legs cut.
    (see attached pic for my setup)

    Get a baby bass maple replacement bridge from Ray Ramirez.
    (I got one to experiment)
    I just sent you a PM about this bridge, by the way.

    Attached Files:

  5. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    Hello again-Thanks for the reply & offer.
    Hope these send...
    There's plenty of volume- just not full bowing on the A & E like the G & D(A is weakest)
    Good height off the strings-can really dig in.
    Was hoping that hole has some volume adjustment for the PU with the right tool.
    Let me know what you think please.
    Thanks again.


  6. IMHO, and with all due respect for John Carruthers, I think the solid bridge is a mistake. (I know he thinks it's a great idea but I beg to differ)

    That's why I was suggesting you try other bridges, these new ones with a conventional structure.
  7. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    Thank you for the reply-makes sense, but not sure that this will "fix" the volume issue.
    I will consider your suggestion-thanks.
    What strings do you use?
    The EUB plays very well-not like an UB, but, on a good day.......
    Still has the EUB sound w/ D'Addario Orch. strings & I can EQ the sound pretty well.
  8. The picture I posted earlier doesn't show my latest setup.
    I presently use an old Barcus-Berry pickup (T-shaped one) and Super-Sensitive Pinnacle solo-tuning strings.

    I'm not sure either a new bridge would fix your volume issue, but that's the best I can offer to help. :)
  9. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    Thanks for the reply & suggestion.
    Wow! I used to have a BB PU many years ago. Grey putty to attach the PU as I recall.
    SS Strings-Solo, tuned down, correct?
    Do they bow well?
    I get a great fundamental actually on the G,D & even E pizz & Arco- good for the A-pizz-just not ARCO.
    The D'Addario Orch are pretty stiff compared tothe EPs on my UB
    Used to use them on UB-saw a thread on Bob Gollier's site that a bassist used them in his EUB
    Used to have Spirocores on w/the same deal ( a bit brighter-not what I like).
    Thanks again.
  10. I don't play arco, sorry! :)
    Helicore Hybrids are less stiff than Orchestrals.
  11. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    I used to use the Hybrids( actually had an artist endorsement w/D'Addario Strings several yrs back, but changed to EPs
  12. DDBASS7


    Jun 28, 2012
    Check it out-just received a reply from Carruther's Guitar Co. on how to adjust the volume using an allen wrench (thought that was the way-had to be sure).
    I adjusted the bass-much better & even volume/tone -pizz & arco
    Sounds great now!

    The sub1 has two pickups they are controlled by a set screw adjustment in the tone bars just behind the bridge. If you get an allen wrench you can make adjustments to them. I think you will need a 7/64". Insert the wrench in the hole and engage the adjuster. Plug the bass into the amp. Turn the one on the treble side counter clockwise until the bass stops making sound. Now on the bass side insert the wrench and turn it clockwise until you here the adjuster make contact with the pickup. Slowly tighten the screw until there is no more increase in volume. You must be carefull not to over tighten the pickup adjustment as you could damage the pickup.
    This should resolve your problem.

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