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Carvin 210 Speaker Cab Models

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Pickinator, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Pickinator


    Dec 28, 2011
    Eagle River WI
    Carvin makes three different models with 2X10s in a cab:

    (1) BRX10.2Neo (Neodymium woofers, titanium horn) -$339
    -ported cab available in black DuraTex covering only

    (2) BR210 (standard woofers, titanium horn) -$249
    -nonported cab available in colored Tolex

    (3) BR210N (Neodymium woofers, titanium horn) -$369
    -nonported cab available in colored Tolex

    The first and third models above seem to have the same speakers in them and differ only in porting and color options.
    Oddly, the non-ported cab costs $30 more.

    Will the most expensive (non-ported) sound much different than the ported (BRX) assuming all other factors are the same.

    I am considering the 3rd model above in green tolex along with a 115 cab in green and the BX1500 amp in, you guessed it, a green tolex box.

    If porting is a big issue for the 2X10 box, I was wondering if Carvin would do a :ninja: special order (the BRX in green tolex). Otherwise, a guy could go with the Avatar for just the ported 2X10 cab and the Carvin 115 and amp head (all available in green tolex). It should be noted that the Carvin cab is 1" deeper than the Avatar. That matters to me as I am still a "70s Cerwin Vega" man at heart.

    -Thanks in advance for any opinions-
  2. 5port


    Oct 14, 2009
    LI,new yawk
    A sealed cab will be more punchy and mid focused. A ported cab will go deeper and project out a bit more. Carvin's pitch for the BRX2.10 is that it doesnt need a 1X15 to sound deep. While that is true mine sits over a Eminence 3015 most of the time and really kicks.

    My guess is that Carvin will not yield on the BRX cab as far as finish. They come one way (Duratex). Cant hurt to ask though.
  3. The first option is on sale- $60 cheaper than normal.

    They are also the ones I have, so I'm biased. But they are amazing- deep, punchy, articulate and clear as heck. They smack the heck out of the Avatar TB153 I have, and that's a pretty good cab in its own right.
  4. I have the BR210 & BR115, in the non-neo versions. They are good cabs, but, price not being a factor, I'd go for the ported BRX in a minute. The fact that the BRX is somewhat cheaper makes it a no-brainer...until you get into adding a 15, and want them to match, + desire custom colors. Then it's the BR all the way. I like cabs that can sound deep, and the BR210 will not. Again, teamed with the (ported) BR115 it's not an issue, but as a stand-alone, I don't recommend the BR210.

    It must have been Carvin's intention to produce a really punchy cab in the BR210 (the BR410 is also non ported, the 115 & 810's are ported). The earlier Red Line 210 was ported, and the RL series are much deeper sounding.

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