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  1. I am waiting for a chi-sonic 4 A Vintage single coil, Alnico 5 magnet (MM enclosure) that I intend to install in my Samick RLB-4 that I will turn passive. Up to now, I have only a wiring diagram for installation of 2 Pickups which shows 500k Volume pots and 250k Tone pots (with 0.05 capacitor). Should I go with a 500k volume pot and a 250k Tone pot or with a 250k volume pot. Thanks for your help.
  2. Can't help with your question sorry, but can say that the vintage version of the Chi Sonic is a fantastic pickup. I've got a pair on my hollow body.
  3. My hollobody is equipped with Barts and I'm rather happy with them. I am convinced that the Chi-sonic is the best I can find at a decent cost. What made my final decision is that I can have it in a MM type enclosure. It will be a direct replacement for the Duncan Design Pup presently installed in my Samick Royale (no routing needed). I will also turn this bass passive (I definitely don't like active instruments).
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    Use a 250K. FWIW, if you are installing in a two pup bass, you will probably need to reverse the wiring (out of phase) on the Chisonic. I had to do this on 2 Chisonic installs.
  5. What was the reason behind this?
  6. Thanks Texan. I will install one pup only, at more or less MM sweet spot (which is the position the existing pup is - no routing implied)
  7. Texan

    Texan 667 Neighbor of the Beast.

    Aug 15, 2004
    Houston, TX
    The short version is sometimes when you are wiring two pups, depending on how the pups are made, the sound can be very weak. In the instance if you switch the leads on one of the pups you will regain the strength in the sound. I'm sure someone (@line6man ) can chime in with a more detailed explanation.
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