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  1. so i've gotten the run around everywhere i've asked this question (stew mac, fishman, etc...) so i bring it here. i am building an EUB and plan to use a piezo pick up in the bridge and a agular preamp. agular said to use the volume pot that the pick up manufacture recomends. so what pot do i use with a 1 meg ohm piezo? thanks...

  2. Putting a pot inline with the piezo is not a good way to go. Look at using a small preamp in your EUB, thereby making the system "active".
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    That preamp isn't appropriate for use with piezoelectric pickups- it's designed for something in the 250K range. You don't want any pot between a piezo pickup and the preamp. The pot should follow the preamp.

    I wonder if you can get a K&K without the case, designed for building in? Bob?