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  1. I have a fretless that I recently have put tapewounds on. Sat. night I finished a jam where I used a fretted with rounds and the fretless (Godin) playing through the PA. The fretless made a distinct clacking sound when I played, but when I switched back to fretted, no problem. Also, there was no problem playing the fretless through my practice amp at home and my SVT w/4x10 cab at church this a.m. Any ideas as to what might be causing the Godin clacking through the PA? The only other difference between the 2 guitars is the Godin has piezo pups and the fretted humbuckers.
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    Were you going direct to the PA from the basses? Piezo pups don't care for low impedance loads (like a 10K line or 600 ohm balanced).
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    Piezos can have a huge subsonic signature below the audible threshold. You need to filter this out. If the Godin has a built in preamp the output will be at a much lower impedance than the pickups alone (sorry Mr B). You should look at getting a High Pass Filter such as the one TB's Fdeck puts out.

    With my fretless using piezo bridge saddles, I could watch my speaker cones move in and out by gently pushing down on the strings. A HPF cured the problem.
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    Appreciate the clarification Paul :)
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    Is it possible the PA speakers are just amplifying this noise more than your bass rig because of their horns (and mid drivers?) ?