Coated (not "color coated") strings, anyone?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by fretlessman71, May 9, 2019.

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    Besides Elixirs and D'Addario EXL, who makes a decent coated string? Looking for a good-sounding string that can withstand not being played for several months and still retaining its life (not every bass I own gets played a lot, and it's a bit dusty here).

    Elixirs and D'Addario EXL sound just fine, but they don't come in the weird gauges I tend to prefer - 35, 110, 120 among them.

    Again, not interested in a colored string, just something that will truly extend the lift of the string.
  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
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    DR dragon skins are well regarded, although I'm not sure strings will lose much if any brightness from just sitting on a bass unplayed.
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    Yeah Dragon Skins are awesome coated strings!
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    Nickel Plated Elixirs are available in .032, .040, .125

    DR Bootzillas are available in .030, .110, .125
    DR Dragon Skins are available in .030, .040, .120, .125
  5. Have you ever thought about coating your own favorite strings?

    While I used Elixir strings on my two of my (6) acoustic guitars, I do so because they seem to have the tonal properties (yep, those two are Taylors), but really offer 8 weeks of longevity vs 6 of non-coated strings. While I'm not a cheap skate I detest paying up for brand name and voodoo marketing. I stock up on Elixirs when I can get them for $10/set usually at the end of the year when they offer 3 set promos and the store offer holiday discounts.

    I know it may sound silly, but think about it. What do coated strings do? Seal them from gunk and acidic properties in the moisture from hands. Makes the strings smoother to get around and reducing finger squeak. While I cannot attest to increased longevity I use a product called Finger-Ease and WIPE it on the top surface of my strings. It smoothes out the glide on the strings that have the most "stiction", reduces finger noise, etc. As far as keeping the gunk out, the product states that it's supposed to increase longevity, but as I can't get Elixirs to last much longer on my acoustics, I really don't know about bass strings.

    As far as keeping the gunk out. Beyond wiping them down, I bought a $20 ultrasonic cleaner and periodically clean my strings for 30 minutes. It cleans all the gunk out and refreshes the strings. Sure, it takes time but I'd much rather pay $25 for a set of strings rather than $40. BTW... Finger-Ease makes my right hand faster too as it keeps my fingers from getting momentarily hung up by friction.

    If you want to experiment, buy a can of Finger-Ease for $4 and before putting the strings on, spray the strings lightly, wait a few seconds, wipe them down, then install them. Wipe your strings after each play session. After a few sessions you can re-coat the top section by spraying the product on a sponge or cloth and re-apply a light coat, wiping it down again after allowing a few seconds to dry. You can send me half the difference you save at the end of the year :) .
    Tone Finger Ease Guitar String and Neck Lubricant