Cole Clark Basses at NAMM

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    If anyone is going to NAMM next week, make sure you swing by the Cole Clark booth and check out the basses they are going to be offering starting this year! They had a couple of bass prototypes with them last year, but this year they have a few new prototypes and will also have one of the "production" models there. Rumor is that production on these basses is set to start at the early part of this year, but I haven't confirmed that.

    For those not familiar with Cole Clark, they're an Australian based company that is mostly known for their amazing acoustic guitars. I've been fortunate to enough to play several of their acoustics over the past year and can say without a doubt that they are by far and away the best sounding acoustic when plugged in to a sound system. Cole Clark has developed a "3" pickup acoustic setup that is astoundingly good.

    But enough about the acoustics. Here's what I know about these basses. Over the last year or so, Cole Clark teamed up with renowned Aussie bass builder Neil Kennedy and gave him full reign to design a new bass under the Cole Clark name. The basses he came up with are freaking COOL. I love the body shape, neck through, wood combinations and hardware that he used. Everything about these basses is TOP Notch and no corners were cut on the production. IMO, these basses rival anything else on the market right now and I've been through my fair of basses in the last 20 years. All of the woods used are fully sustainable Australian woods.

    I am fortunate to be friends with the International Sales Manager for Cole Clark and was able to get my grubby little mits on one of the prototypes after NAMM last year. I've been living with that bass for the better part of 2016 now and I must say that it has become my all time favorite bass that I've ever had. The body is a smaller body, which at first I wasn't crazy about. But when the bass is sub-8 lbs and sounds like weighs 12 lbs, I got over that. The body style also really grew on me to the point that I now think it's one of the sexiest shapes on a bass. Please bear in mind that I've been a Fender guy for last 10-12 years. So changing to something that didn't resemble a J or a P bass was some adjustment. The neck on this prototype is like butter. It's fairly thin front to back but still substantial enough that it never felt rubbery or like it might break in my hands. The ebony fingerboard was beautiful and gave it a great snap too. The action is stupid low too! Which I love. The guts are all aguilar and they roar. 18v of headroom on a 3 band eq with mid-freq adjustment and a vintage tone control wired into the circuit that works in both active and passive modes. It's a super flexible bass.

    Specs for The Prototype: (this one will be at NAMM next week)

    Body: Bunya
    Neck: 3 piece Queensland Maple
    Fingerboard: ebony
    Hardware: US Hipshot
    Nut: Brass
    Pickups: Aguilar
    Preamp: Aguilar OPB-3 w/ p/p Mid-freq select and VTC added
    Weight: sub-8 lbs
    IMG_4808.JPG IMG_4809.JPG IMG_4810.JPG IMG_4811.JPG IMG_4812.JPG IMG_4813.JPG IMG_4814.JPG IMG_4815.JPG IMG_4816.JPG

    My bike and some other Cole Clark Acoustics.

    FullSizeRender.jpg IMG_4969.JPG IMG_4975.JPG

    Preshow warm up in the hotel. =)


    On stage the first day I had it.
    IMG_4321.JPG IMG_4322.JPG

    For full disclosure, I am not a paid representative or a Cole Clark artist. I just happen to be good friends with the International Sales Manager. I was fortunate to be able to play this bass and also give Neil (the builder) some feedback (along with some other players here in Nashville) on their ongoing refinement of these basses as they moved towards the production models. I have in no way been compensated or prompted to post this. I just really love their product and wanted to get it out there that these are coming down the pike and will be available to the public soon.
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  2. Very cool! A friend of mine mentioned their acoustics a while ago. Good to see they're building basses.

    What is the nut made of?
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    Jan 3, 2005
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    Do'h forgot that. The nut is brass.
  4. zachbass02

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    Jan 3, 2005
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    Looks like a Schecter and Jerzy made sweet love and had a baby.
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    Looks interesting. I can attest that their acoustics are of the finest quality. I worked at a music store when they were building their US dealer list. The pickup/preamp is the best I've ever heard. We put it straight into a p.a. without a DI and it killed every other acoustic that WAS DI'd. I'd try one of their basses.
  7. Do you have any info on what the price range for these will be? ....ballpark?
  8. I'm going to NAMM and always love checking out the new toys--will stop by.
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    Interested - love the Cole Clark acoustics that I've heard. Do you know what the string spacing is?
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    Ha! I can see that. It's s unique body style for sure, but I can totally see some of those styling cues from both of those. The craftsmanship on this is top notch and second to none.

    Yup! Every demo I've ever seen my buddy Michael do has literally been the acoustic plugged straight into a powered speaker. No preamp from a PA, DI, or anything, just the guitar straight into the speaker. They always sound amazing.

    I was just informed that US retail will be in the $2199 - $2599 (4 string) & $2299 - 2699 (5 string). The Australian retail will be in the $3099-3899 range. All dependent on woods selected. These are "about prices" and could fluctuate due to exchange rates, freight costs, etc...

    Definitely. My buddy Michael Adams will be there. Tell him Zak sent you. =)

    The spacing is around 18-18.5 mm. The hipshot bridge has a little adjustment on the spacing. The spacing is closer to Fender or Sadowsky spacing than it is to my old Ibanez. I don't remember the exact dimension at the nut. If I had the bass, I'd go measure it for you, but I just delivered it back to my friend to take to NAMM.
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    Jan 3, 2005
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    Cole Clark will be at booth 4258 for those that want to drop by. Talk it up with Michael Adams. He'll be the guy there with the Aussie accent. Super cool guy and loves to talk shop, music, and good beer. =)
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    I bet they are a great bass. Liking the look of the neck---not too wide. Don't want to spend that much, but maybe I'll be checking the used market one day.
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    From last weekend with the band O'Shea showcasing in San Antonio.

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    That body shape didn't do it for me in the vertical pics, but it looks much better when someone's actually playing it. The guitarist on one of the bands I sub for has a Cole Clark acoustic, and that thing sounds amazing. Very interested in these!
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  15. Nice. Will check these out on Saturday. Will be nice to get a chance to speak Australian with my brethren.
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    Awesome! I really wish I was able to get out there for NAMM, but I'm hoping that Michael brings some of the other prototypes and/or the production model back to Nashville so I can give them a try myself. =)

    Neil (the builder) sent me some photos of the newest models and they are incredible. True works of art.
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    Some pics of the new basses from Cole Clark at NAMM. Stole these off of their Instagram site. :)

    I'm really liking that 6 string behind Neil.

    IMG_5250.jpg IMG_5249.jpg
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    Received a gift from Sire* (see sig)
    Tasty looking for sure.
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    Great looking bass! In the closeup of the nut in the first set of pics, are my eyes playing tricks on me or do your strings have striped windings?
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    great looking basses, no surprise from cole clark. they make really nice acoustics with great tone - and lots of bunya :D
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