Cool Down Exercises

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  1. does anyone have idea for things to do after you play excerpts or your main solo material and you want to be productive when you are slowly winding down?
  2. Practice long notes! With everything nice and warmed up I think you'll notice a difference from starting out cold with long notes. In college when I had time for such things as 'winding down' I'd set a stop watch and time myself playing open strings as slow as possible without sacrificing tone. It really helps your bow control.
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    I find a pint of Guinness is a great way to cool down. Playing pool is a great way to work on up-bow staccato, as well.
  4. yeah i just ask this because at the end of hours of practice i don't feel like doing something like the vomit exercise and such
  5. Do some stretches, re-establish good sitting and standing postures, take a walk and make some notes about how successful your practice session has been, what you have achieved and some ideas to work on next time. This cools your brain down as well as your body, and separates (pigeon-holes) your practice from your next activity. Make brief notes after each lesson, or ask your teacher to write brief notes for you during the lesson that will remind you of what should be practiced too. All part of organising yourself for success.

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    I usually go from this:

    To this: