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Cool Edit 2.0 Question

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Thanosbtb405, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. I just got Cool Edit 2.0 on my PC it rules! What equipment do I need to plug my bass in to the PC and so I can mix my own bass on the PC?

    I guess my REAL question is "is there a specific thing for this software?

    Any links to pictures would be very helpful.
  2. yeah, cool edit pro rocks. anyways, is there a thing for cep? yes. i think its called the red rover, basically its a foot pedal that triggers the record button, so you have less clicking, but since adobe bought out sytrillium (stupid big business) and added cep as part of adobe audition, you may have trouble finding it. you don't really need it though, i can spare the extra ten seconds of silence before i get to my bass and get started. anyways, i don't think you "need" any other hardware, i go from my bass to an ART nightbass SE preamp to my echo mia soundcard, and it works just fine. I can record as loud as i need it. if i need an extra boost, i send my bass through a bass amp to the preamp to the sound card and that provides any extra amplification i need. i have a feeling this may not be the best way to go, but it works for my recording. but, since there seems to be a thousand different recording techniques, my way may not work for what you are trying to do.
    good luck,

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