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  1. I'm a DI newb...
    I've got a cheap "CGM clear line passive direct box" DI that doesn't seem too noisy. It's got a lo-imp xlr output, a high imp input, a high imp output and a ground lift switch. I used it to track a bass line and then used a direct instrument input to track the same bass line at similar input levels (-12db) for sound comparison. Raw samples attached.

    I had to increase the trim quite a bit on the Firestudio Project interface that I'm using to get the DI level to match the inst level.
    Is that normal?

    At first listen, the DI sounds smoother, and the Inst. input sounds a bit more edgy. Is this a trait of DI?

    Also, I've got an SVT rig that I could drag in here and use to mic up with my SM7b, but that cab is ridiculous. Could I use the SVT 4 Pro head to track directly, bypassing the cab? Bass/SVT/DI - DAW? Or should I just suck it up and bring the 4x10, 1x15 in the room and ugly up the place?

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  2. I'm not familiar with that head. Is it solid state or tube? If it's solid state, you should be able to use a line out to record straight into your DI. If it's tube, it will need to be connected to a cab or dummy load. That's also dependant on it having a line out. In a pinch, effects sends and headphones out can also work.
  3. It's tubular. It's got a line out, too. Thanks.
  4. Since you'll have to drag once cab up anyways, try micing it and taking the line out to blend the two signals
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    The svt4 is solid state power amp so I think your fine not connecting a cab. Personally I would use the di off the head as one track, and that sm7 on the 15.