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crazy sansamp/bass head question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by brad334, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. brad334


    Mar 18, 2010
    Ok so this may seem like a crazy strange question that i will try to explain in the best way i can.
    I'm currently running a sansamp rbi from the sans amp out into the amp in on the back panel of a yorkville xs800.
    it sounds really good but im always curious about a different possibly better sound.
    My question is can i keep this setup but also run a signal from the uneffected out of the sansamp into the input on the front of the yorkville?
    In my head i feel like i could get a good mix of the two that way, although i could be horribly wrong.
    Any advise would be helpful
  2. It won't work without additional gear if at all depending on the amp. By sending the wet out of the sans amp into a power amp in or effects return you are blocking off the pre amp in the head from the signal flow. I'm not saying the xlr on the head isn't going to have a signal doing what your saying, it might but it won't be connected to the power amp in the head. So your only going to hear the sans amp coming out of the speakers
  3. I use two separate pre amps. A sans amp RBI for my main tone and a pod hd for all my effect tones. Here's my setup

    Bass>bbe sonic stomp>sansamp RBI wet out to one side of a Morley ABY, dry out into the pod input, pod out into the other side of the ABY. Then the ABY into a separate DI, I use a cheap whirlwind imp, the xlr on the imp I use for FOH and 1/4 out goes to the power amp in/effects return on my head to power my cab.

    So depending on the ins and outs on your head you could make it work with a ABY pedal if you have a pre amp out on the head to mix with the sans amp wet out using the ABY before it goes into the power section of the head.
  4. brad334


    Mar 18, 2010
    ok thanks for the answer. ill mess around with using it as an effect from the loop on the amp and see if i can get what im looking for
  5. If it passes signal it could feed back something nasty.

    I would put the rbi into the fx loop wholesale.
  6. What type of tone are you looking for?

    I've had the RBI for a while and I've found that with everything generally flat and just enough gain to get the slightest bit of grit I can then leave everything else alone and just adjust the blend knob for different styles. If I want a rock sound I put the blend around 1 o'clock, for metal maybe even higher, but for cleaner tones for slapping or whatever instead of turning the gain down, try turning the blend knob down to 11 or even 10 o'clock.
  7. Jazz Ad

    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    You need a BUFFERED ABY box to mix your signals. A Boss LS-2 would do the trick.
    There are specialty devices streamlined to achieve this but they won't be cheaper. The [sfx] Mix and Wounded Paw mini mixer come to mind.

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