Describe Your Pedal Rig/Effects Setup!

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Hey guys, thought this would be a nice time to set up a topic like this. Currently I run a Digitech RP50 guitar processor, and a Vox V845 wah pedal. Probably the best combo I can have as a bassist.

    I really enjoy the Digitech pedal since it pretty much fits anything I would need for a bass pedal. Chorus, delay, reverb, fuzz, overdrive, distortion, envelope, auto-yah. I can even create my own effects if I want to. I created some sort of a mix of a distortion/church organ effect that sounds amazing. Even though it's a guitar pedal, it works like a charm on my basses and amps. Also has a gnarly compressor setting that retains the original sound of the clean bass bypass, but reduces some background noise and adds in a slight bass distortion kick to give it some character.

    The Vox wah pedal just adds more to the variation that I can put on the Digitech pedal. If I leave the wah pedal on and open with distortion running, the tone sounds just like Cliff Burton on Anesthesia. Pretty wicked, but I am not going to be using that as the main selling factor for it. It adds a lot of depth to my bass playing, especially if at an open mic night, I can use it extensively for jazz and funk tunes. And when the occasional rapper comes on stage, bass/drum breakdown gets real groovy there.

    Pretty much with my set up, I don't need any other kind of pedal. I am perfectly fine with what I have. I usually don't mess with specifically going into the anatomy of my sound by choosing to cut mids at a certain frequency or anything like that. That's what playing in lighter dynamics and using the bridge pickup is for, if you ask me. I guess I am a bit of a minimalist. But hey, I need to keep that gig money for a car. ;)

    How is your effects setup looking? What are your favorites? Are you a pedal junky? Please share give us some insight on how you go about the effects with your bass.

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  3. I suggest a second cable.