DiMarzio JP set out of phase

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  1. Tangente_bass


    Aug 5, 2019
    Hey everyone! My name is Matias,.

    I recently installed a DiMarzio JP set on one of my basses (Instagram: Tangenteinstrumentos), with the following switches:

    1) Precision: Series/Parallel/single coil for EA
    2) Jazz: Series/Parallel/single coil for DG
    3) Mono/Stereo (sends Jazz PU to Ring)
    4) Push pull Tone for Series/Parallel between the PUs
    Quite a mess. The issue is that everything works as expected, when each PU is independant.
    But when both volume pots are at 10, the general volume drops a lot. So I'm guessing the PUs gotta be out of phase with each other.

    Question 1: Is this possible? I'm pretty sure I connected everything in the right place, so the PUs must have come out-of-phase from factory.
    Question 2: I can't just simple change Red and Green, because that would mess with the other switches. I would have to switch both coil, and some wiring in the switch nÂș2 for the Jazz. But I wouldn't want to take all that trouble for nothing...

    PS: Question 3: If I fix this, I still notice that the Volume pots are very sensitive, I move from 10 to 9 and the other PU becomes dominant. Pots are Log 500K.

    Thanks a lot in advance!