Disassemble Preamp Ibanez SRF 705

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  1. wheelspin


    Nov 24, 2019

    TLDR; how do I disconnect the wires from the preamp of an Ibanez SRF705 bass?

    First post so thanks in advance for taking a look. I have an Ibanez SRF705 fretless. If you search the forum, you'll see a lot of complains about those single coil pickups and the hum. It sounded fine at home but when I got to the stage, it was unplayable. Before I haul off and replace the pickups and internals, I want to give it a go with reshielding. In the past, this has fixed the majority of my issues and I find modern, "inexpensive" basses just have poor shielding in general. On to the problem...

    When I began disassembling the internals, the preamp is just wedged into the the control cavity. It looks like a standard PC board. With experience in computer hardware I though, "easy peasy, just mark for reassembly and pull the wires from the board." NO GO! Nothing doing. It is like they are snapped into place with a fitting that will break before being undone.

    Is there a way to disconnect the wires from this board or am I stuck snipping an soldering a bunch of wires (which you know will lead to other issues). Reinvesting in new electrics would be more than the money I have in the bass and besides, I'd like to learn how to disconnect this preamp since it is such a challenge. Thanks for your insight group!
  2. rufus.K


    Oct 18, 2015
    Cant really see the retaining mechanism on those connectors, but 100% theyre supposed to be removable and reseatable.
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