Does anyone have a 8 string Guirtar Not bass

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  1. I don't know why but is it a good Idea to learn Both bass and guritar at the same tim but I want to learn 8 string but Tune it as this BEADGBEA is this a good idea and what strings should I used to do this with?
  2. They made that, it's called a Chapman Stick. Or a Skeletone Tapper.

  3. High A strings aren't terribly popular. It's hard to find strings that sound worth a crap and don't snap at 25.5" scale. Shorten the scale length and the B string sounds like crap. Fanned frets are an option, but not cheap.
  4. Maybe I could run it over the I think they have a set I could try out. However, am going to learn everything thing I can on the seven string guitar before moving over. Its very much like I did with my six string started from 5 then to 6 and in this case start with seven and move to eight.

    Am thinking about buying a Ibanez RG8 8 string. I did notice it fit my hands better than the 7 anyways.
  5. A lot of 8 strings are 27 or 28" and the .008 is to tune to E since a .009 would have a lot more tension due to the scale length. These are designed more for a low f# string.
  6. maybe am better off with geting this ESP LTD H208 8-String Electric Guitar 25.5" slace lought
  7. With a .008, you probably won't be able to tune the string higher than G and it will sound extremely thin. That's basically the reason that everyone has a low B string instead of a high A. You can kind of get away with it on a nylon string like Lenny Breau did.

    If you want a higher tuning, there's always a capo.
  8. I could try a .007 string. I know they make thoses.